Tuesday, September 19, 2006


After reading the arguments put up by both the Christians and the Muslims, I am convinced that they are both inspired by something greater than ordinary man. However great these two books may be and whatever the author of these books meant it to be for us Human, I suspect that in so far as we remain detached from our true inner self, we may never appreciate the true message in these two books. Despite the advancement of modern technology to enable us to prove the truth in the claims that the Bible and the Quran were divinely inspired, instead of rejoicing in this great gift, we, Humans instead continue and insist on seeing the small differences between the two books and become more strongly assertive of the small differences. Worse still there are others who choose to make changes to the book to suit their own narrow believes so that they can impose their imperfect knowledge on others.

We continue to emphasize our differences. We have only a partial view of life. We do not know yet that we are only a minute part of the greater whole called the Universe. We think we know the Truth of life with great certainty, but we do not know that our perceptions and conceptual abilities are limited by our experiences and the tools we have in this realm. We caused the world so much trouble by asserting our partial views of life over those of others. Our time here on earth is limited and each of us will eventually meet our end called ‘death’. We are all travelers here in this world on a journey called… LIFE:
Some of us just stumbled along blindly, some just follow the herd, and some of us travel with AWARENESS.

Unless more and more of us start to travel with AWARENESS, the Human race may not last for the next one hundred years. Professor Stephen Hawking, author of the book the best seller “A Brief History In Time” had asked this question:

"In a world that is in chaos politically, socially and environmentally, how can the human race sustain another 100 years?"

Despite the great advancements in science and technology made by Human, the Human Race still faced threats to its survival:

Melting Ice Cap
Deliberate release of genetically engineered virus

The above threats unfortunately are all created by us Human. Such threats arise out of our partial views of life. Are we destined to go the way of the dinosaurs in the next 100 years or is there hope for us Human?

I believe that unlike the dinosaurs, we will survive for the human SPIRIT is great. It is the greatness of the human spirit that enables us to fly although we are not given wings, swim in the ocean although we do not have gills like the fish, and travel the great vastness of space although we appear bound to earth by her gravity. Our SPIRIT is great and needs to explore the HEAVENS to realize her greatness. I believe that there will come a time when there will be a mass awakening among Humans and it is this awakening that will connect us to our INNER SPIRITUAL SELF. When this happens on a mass scale, the human race will be saved from the brink of extinction!

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