Thursday, September 07, 2006

Finding our TRUE SELF

I remember watching a documentary about the beginning of a human life… from the fusion of ovum and sperm till the day the baby is ready to see the world. What is unique about this documentary is that modern technology has enabled us to see in great detail what is happening inside the womb of mummy. It is such a wonder to see the foetus transform from…..

- a cell, a mass of cells,
- physical features,
- first movement of the limbs,
- now its sucks its thumbs,
- its eyes are formed….

There was a close-up of the foetus’ face…. I can never forget that image till today although other details are getting fuzzy. The look on this face…. It is unlike what we see among us. The expression of the foetus’ face is so serene and peaceful as its large eyes looks (not a distant look) with total awareness. It is as if while being confined in its mummy’s womb, it is aware of the entire universe outside, it is aware of its entire being… it hears the heartbeat of mummy, its own heartbeat, it feels the flow of its mummy’s nourishing blood into its body.


The moment we are born into this world, we begin to lose touch with this ‘self-awareness’ or our TRUE SELF. We are subject to all kinds of conditioning: Of what is right or wrong behavior….. A happy child will spontaneously breaks into singing and dancing. Her parents are so proud. They praise and encourage her. She becomes aware that by dancing and singing it brings praises. Then she becomes shy when asked to ‘perform’ for relatives and friends (actually for the parents who wants to show off). She loses her naturally spontaneity and becomes stiff and unnatural. And so we begin to lose touch with our natural or true self…… Our perception of the world become shaped by our subjective view of "I" and "The World".

Nature is funny.... As we grow old, we start to become more reflective and return to our child like simplicty. We become more contemplative so that we are more centred and therefore better able to handle life’s natural cycle of ups and downs.

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