Monday, November 20, 2006

Observing the world witout desire

The ancient Chinese sage says...
"Constantly without desires, and you will interact with the mysteries of the universe..."
"Constatntly with desires you will interact with its manifestations..."
What the above means is simply that if we are totally caught up with the way of the world, we will always be chasing an illusory world created by our human mind. In this world we will be always looking for the illusive happiness which will make our lives fulfilled. How many has found this fulfillment? Even those who have made it by the standards of our conditioned mindset, has found the world to be so traumatic that they end up taking their own lives.
On the other hand there are some who can see through the 'falsity' of this mind created world and managed to stay sane in this world of collective insanity. These are people who have managed to observe the world without desires. Observing the world ithout desire is actually much easier than what most of us think it will be. For example, if each day we can just take short breaks of a few seconds or a few minutes to forget about what we are doing... close our eyes and just... observe how we feel inside... we are actually practising looking inward and away from the realm of our mind created world... More to come in my next post.
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