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I did ZBE1+THCMM+Yang Qi followed by ZBE2+THCMM+Yang Qi and ZBE3+THCMM+Yang Qi to the music of “Romance in middle dantain. However, instead of putting my hands over the navel during yang qi, I held my hands in “Hunyuan Shou” form at my middle dantian.

Question for Jane: Is it alright to use the “Hunyuan Shou” hand posture with ZBE and THCMM practice?

Change subject:
Contemplation during “yang qi”: “Truth”

In my practice of mind cultivation and meditation I realized that it is easy for one to regard materials things as mundane and not worthy of our attention. In one of my conversation with my son we touched on the subject of relative truth and he told me:

“Dad, if my truth is relative truth, I would choose relative truth because the world in which I live in is relative. I will subscribe to your “spiritual truth” only when I am dead.”

As I contemplated on what he said during my quiet moments in yang qi/meditation, I realized that what he had said is valid truth in so far as living in the objective realm called “our world” is concerned. It became clear to me that I had erroneously considered my qi gong practice and spiritual cultivation to be far more important than anything else to the extent that I had left undone what my wife had wanted me to do for a long time….

1) Fix the leaking toilet in our children’s bathroom.
2) Replace the broken mirrors in ours as well as the children’s bathroom.

Immediately after my practice I made it a point to get both jobs done before settling down to capture this very important enlightenment before it slip away from my memory. My wife is so happy that I had finally got the chores done. She did not realize that it is my mind cultivation that did the trick. (Background: She had complained on a number of occasions that I am married to my qi gong and not to her!).

I realized that we still need the relative truth (truths perceived by each and every individual observer) in order to function in society. I cannot reject relative truth for to do so I would have fallen into the trap set by my false self and lost my realization of “Inner Truth” perceived through meditation. It is the nature of TAO to embrace all… so how can I reject anything?

That said it does not mean that we should be happily indulging ourselves in this delusive realm. Instead with the empowerment of Inner Truth, we would be humble in our dealings with people and instead of feeling superior when we see their “false believes” we will feel compassion. In arguments…: “Is it important to win when each truth propounded by both sides have their own range of validity?” Thus we have maintained harmony…

Friday, December 28, 2007


I love this contemplation from "365 Tao" by Deng Ming Dao


There are three levels of truth:
Experience, reasoning and knowing.
All other assertions should be rejected.

The first type of truth is experience.Once you have experienced something, you know it. No person can persuade you otherwise.

The second type is truth gained by reasoning. In this case, the truth cannot be immediately verified because the subject is too small (like atomic particles) or too large (like the movement of planets through time) or too abstract (like ideas). Something may be true, but its truth is borne out by analysis rather than physical testing.

Either of these two types of truths has a range of validity. They are relative. Therefore, though truths are superior to falsehood, opinions, beliefs, and superstition, they each have limits. There is a third type of truth that is different from these two.

This is a way of direct spiritual knowing. Wholly internal, this mode is the direct experiencing of truth through the opening of higher faculties. Meditation gives one perceptions of absolute certainty. There is no doubt or need of other investigations; this knowledge is beyond words, descriptions, and rationalization. In fact, one must be careful not to let the fruits of one's meditations pass into the realm of rationalization. This will subject you to the relativity of external truths and ruin your confidence. To avoid doubts and conflicting opinions, followers of Tao keep their revelations secret. Then what is known is absolutely yours.

Beginning of practice with new CDs

December 28, 2007
Hi Axel,
Happy New Year to you and also to everyone here!

Glad to announce that my new CD's arrived today and I had just done my ZBE1, ZBE2, ZBE3 + Yang Qi followed by THCMM + Yang Qi again to the entire CD - "Dream Melody in Lower dantian" - 1 hour 13 minutes of it

My verdict on this new CD/transmission from Master: "Awesome! It definitely feels different from the "Healing Melody CD". Generally felt like I was inside my lower dantian and "floating within this qi filled reservoir" ... very soothing and peaceful! Thanks Jane!

Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

Thursday, December 27, 2007


On December 11, 2007 Orea wrote this:

Practice continues. Most days when I bow to Professor Pang, he smiles at me. I smile back. The day he took my hand, my arthritis pain completely disappeared for at least 24 hours. I didn't even need to take Aleve. I guess I couldn't hold it. It's a good goal to shoot for, since I don't like pain and I cannot donate platelets while taking NSAIDS. I used to donate every two weeks. I racked up over 100 donations, and I have the track marks to prove it! I'd really like to be able to resume it.

That said, he took my hand again tonight and covered it with his in a warm clasp. I placed my hand over his and we smiled at each other. I felt a warm heart connection with him. I don't know why this surprises me so, but it does. I didn't know he was such a warm person.

Blythe has been teaching me some neat things but I don't know the right words to describe it. It comes easily to me and I like it.

Oh, I had to go get my hair cut & colored today. I did Yang Chi to Christmas carols while I waited for the dye to do its work, and for my swamped stylist to get back to me for the haircut. I remember smiling a lot.


I am just thinking of Orea’s visual and tactile experience of Dr. Pang and Master Liu and mindful of Jane’s advice that everything is an illusion…
Viewing the world through the mind is viewing it with a biased frame of reference dictated by our senses: visual, smell, audio, tactile (touch), & emotions (mind). I believe seeing Dr. Pang and experiencing his touch is can be real for the real mind (spiritual mind) unlike our normal mind is boundless. In our own experience we have all felt our mind’s ability to expand and encompass everything in the universe… therefore to be able to experience what Orea experienced is definitely possible.
If Orea’s experience is not brought about by any prior knowledge of the famous handshake and by her own admission, no prior knowledge of Dr. Pang personally except through the “Using Yishi” CD… her feeling of… “a warm heart connection” with Dr. Pang and her statement that she does not know that he is “such a warm person”…. I can see that what she felt is very real and she is undoubtedly sincere.

Thought of the day: "A sincere heart nurtures spiritual constancy."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Interesting Qi Gong Discussion 2

Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2007 17:24:24 -0800 (PST)
From: "KianTee Lim" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: [zhineng_qigong] Re: Lower Dantian

Thank you for your in depth response. I have always felt that I need to learn Mandarin in order to read the ZQ and other qi gong materials which are mostly written in Mandarin. That is why I have made a decision to take up Mandarin lessons since November this year .

I accept that my mail could have for some reasons not reached there. These things do happen and I am glad that Deqi forwarded it to the forum. Thank you very much Deqi .

I am not qualified to respond to what you have written but I am thankful for your in-depth explanation. I do mind cultivation in my practice and would like to share this meditation from "365 Tao" with everyone here:

This one is titled: "Beginning."

This is the moment of embarking.
All auspicious signs are in place.

In the beginning all things are hopeful. We prepare ourselves to start anew. Though we may be intent on the magnificent journey ahead, all things are contained in this first moment: our optimism, our faith, our resolution, our innocence.

In order to start we must make a decision. This is a decision to daily self cultivation. We must make a strong connection with our inner selves. Outside matters are superfluous. Alone and naked, we negotiate all of life's travails. Therefore, we alone must make something of ourselves, transforming ourselves into instruments for experiencing the deepest spiritual essence of life.

Once we make our decision, all things will come to us. Auspicious signs are not superstition, but a confirmation. They are a response. It is said that if one chooses to pray to a rock with enough devotion, even that rock will come alive. In the same way, once we choose to commit ourselves a spiritual practice, even the mountains and valleys will reverberate to the sound of our purpose.

Kian Tee

Ooi Kean wrote:

Thank u very much, Deqi.
............ .
December 12, 2007
I posted a message to the zhineng qigong group run by Ooi Kean Hin but I guess he found it inappropriate to publish it in his site. Therefore I will publish it here for it concerns Mr. Ooi's view on the ZBE/THCMM. Here it is:

This is an open forum. Anyone can sign in as a member and post any message here without my permission. That’s why sometimes we get some spam like bikegal etc which I would delete soonest possible but always too late. I don’t know why Kian Tee’s mail did not reach here. I did not stop it and I don’t have to do that.

Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2007 08:12:41 -0800 (PST)
From: "KianTee Lim" Add to Address BookAdd to Address Book Add Mobile Alert
Subject: Re: [zhineng_qigong] Lower Dantian
To: zhineng_qigong@ yahoogroups. com
Hello Kian Tee,
I find this discussion most interesting. I am a serious practitioner of ZQ as well as Msater Liu's ZBE/THCMM and therefore I would like to share my experience with everyone.

1. "However the middle channel as introduced by Mr Liu is a mentally created tube of qi." - This is not correct. The practice of ZBE/THCMM does NOT employ any mental visualization. The practitioner merely carries out the gong as prescribed by Master Liu. In other words... "Just Do It."

I did not say it clearly in the earlier mails. The message of Liu’s middle channel is within his teaching, meaning within him, he has the image, the tube within him.. And he has mentioned openly that his breathing exercise would open up your dantians and middle channel
A teacher once told me that he was taking a class in practising 3cm while he was hungry. At the end of the class he realised half the class have hunger pangs with them during the practice. In a qi-field the message of the teacher counts the most.
Have u heard of Zhen Qi Yun Xing Fa? In this once popular practice the teacher just tell u to relax and focus lightly onto the lower dantian (theirs is lower than navel). Subsequently the class will feel warmth building up in the lower dantian and then the warmth (qi) would move up the spine and go into Du-Ren channels circulation. Teacher mentioned that during practice, qi will flow in Ren-Du channel before the class, he did not say anything about this during the practice but almost all the students felt it that way – that’s the power of qi-field, the effect of the teachers’ message. Like wise if I give an order now – that your left hand is getting longer – measure it now and see whether it is getting longer ------- the effect of message again.
What did Dr Pang say about middle channel, or ZQ’ middle channel?
Extract of his speech in 28 July 1998: Researching into ZQ Science through recognising true-self (ZiWo)
…the key to our practice is mental cultivation and to recognize trueself.
Many in the society are now working on opening hunyuan palace, teaching middle channel. Saying that they could make 40-60% people to open up hunyuan palace, can make 30% people build up middle channel. This is cheating. Because to open up hunyuan palace qi of central nervous system has to be inside hunyuan palace, it is a phenomenon of mind inside qi. If (one) doesn’t correct the wrongly biased mind (thinking, ideas), practice (forms) alone definitely would not get the real experience of opening hunyuan palace or middle channel.
To practice middle channel, the most important thing is mental cultivation.
In his lecture on mental/moral cultivation Dr Pang also mentioned about the state or requirement before hunyuan palace will be able to open – be a natural. And at the stage of reaching 3 stops (pulse, breath and mind).
In ZQ Science Magazine May 1999 issue, page 4, “A Record of the Conversation between Pang Laoshi and Teacher Training Class”
…to practice middle channel the key is to cultivate your mind. Without a reasonably good mental cultivation, it is absolutely impossible to practice middle channel, how ever hard you try, what u get will be the fake one, not the ZQ one. You have a qi tube inside your body, qi going up, that’s a creation of your mind, not the real middle channel. Until your mental cultivation is really good, the true nature of qi of central nervous system is revealed, only then you could open hunyuan palace(and get into middle channel practice).
In his reply to a student who reached ‘shadow’ of ZQ middle channel (published in ZQ Science Magazine December 1997 issue, page 12), his lecture on Straight Leg Method and many where else Dr Pang openly mentioned that the middle channel in ZQ consists of 5 lines (4 limbs and body) and it would only be there after the opening of hunyuan palace. He further pointed out that our middle channel is not the same as the traditional daoist or tibetan forms, which mainly consist of a qi column from baihui to huiyin, completely different. Theirs is a creation of mind (message passed down from generation to generation) but not the one in ZQ. I’m not saying Mr Liu’s middle channel is not middle channel, just like I’m not saying that the middle channel in some daoist and tibetan forms are not middle channel. I’m just stressing that that is not ZQ’s middle channel as explained by Dr Pang.
In the book 'Answers from Pang Laoshi' and many times during lecture, Dr Pang ask us to observe and not to grasp, even when u see a qi column within your body. If u hold onto that, thinking that's high class, then u get stuck there.
2. A crucial (and perhaps, more controversial) element in the practice of ZBE/THCMM is the "Tao Field". "Qi Field" as I understand contains only information whereas the "Tao Field" has the added dimension of "Power". The power said to be added into the qi field and hence the term, "Tao Field". While one may ague whether Master Liu indeed has the ability to add the dimension of "Power" to the "qi field"; it cannot be denied that power can be added to an energy field. For instance, "Mantras" or "Words of Power" can be created by an enlightened master. How an enlightened attaches power to words (to produce mantras) is by writing these words when he has an "utterly void mind".
Qi field created by a high level teacher is of course different stronger than the work of an ordinary teacher. Just listen to one of the lecture of Dr Pang (particularly those in the early 90s where he talks about practice) and we would feel it – u don’t even have to understand what he is saying. Mr Liu has reached a certain level of practice and of course his qi field is different then ordinary teacher. Well, ever since the invention of qi field formation by Dr Pang there are many who have given special names to it. Ying-Yang Field, BaGua field, even one Great Universe Violet Field (and students see violet light during practice...) ….. another new name doesn’t come as a surprise.

3. Finally, just to share my own experience. I have definitely benefited from the ZBE and THCMM gongs having faithfully practiced it initially as a supplement to ZQ and finally making it a main daily "gong" for a total of something like seven months now. By practicing ZBE/THCMM on for my own daily practice (about 1 to 2 hours a day) and ZQ together with my ZQ group for two days a week... I find that I have certainly made a huge improvement in my LCUPCD and XSZ. I have also found my third level practice (Wu Yuan Zhuang) greatly enhanced as a result of ZBE/THCMM but I had to put my "Wu Yuan Zhuang" on hold for the moment as I had experienced tremendous emotional reactions.

I’m not against the so-called ZBE nor any breathing exercises. Not even in my message to Jane. Like I said ZBE is almost identical to the breathing exercise as introduced by Dr Pang in page 322 of Essence of Qigong (JinYi) as a supplementary exercise. In that book Dr Pang has introduced more than 20 breathing exercises. Interestingly he mentioned candidly in one of his lectures that “pick one of those and introduce as your creation and u will be a grandmaster.”
Your case is different then my friend who has dropped the dynamic exercises completely, and of course u progress well. My friend just focused onto ZBE alone – as prescribed by Liu earlier. However how would it be if u were to focus onto 3cm or straight leg correctly for say 1-2 hours a day?
Liu has given some good lectures on mental cultivation but a lot of his actions are really disappointing. When Liu first introduced his ZBE he even teased that many practitioners could not leave the 3 old practice (Level 1,2, 3) and he likened that to the refusal to throw away old, torn pillow. He has made too many unpleasant remarks on Dr Pang’s work. Go to his Chinese forum or some Chinese ZQ forum, u would be able to find some of his comments there…..

4. I am sure it is not mental creation... Certainly... , during the online group practice, especially in the early stages of starting ZBE/THCMM, I had experienced strong "energy field" during group practice.

Well, u have the freedom to choose what u want to believe, enjoy your practice then, but I maintain that this is not ZQ anymore.

5. In conclusion, I personally recommend keeping an open mind. Remember: "An open mind is able to embrace all possibilities. " It is important in our mind cultivation (a very important aspect of ZQ practice), that we do not falsely believe that only our practice is superior to all others and thus close our mind from everything else. More importantly, we should not "scorn others" for to do so can only indicate that we are too proud of ourselves and think ourselves as superior to others. To prevent ourselves from falling into this false believe, I would like to quote an excerpt from the daily meditations: "365 Tao" by Deng Ming Dao which goes like this:

The journey of humanity is the journey from ignorance to enlightenment. It's like an endless march of souls through eternity. If you are standing in an infinitely long line of souls, how can you say that your position is superior to others? When there is no head and no end to the line, it doesn't matter what place you hold. Therefore it is foolish to look down on those standing behind. They now occupy the place where you once stood. Instead of pride, you should feel compassion. If you cannot remember this, just think of all the people ahead of you. You aspire to their place, and you should work diligently.

Yes, I will keep my mind open while still wondering how your mail could not reach this forum…. Mind if u checked your outbox or test it out again?

"Hun yuan ling tong!"
& Good luck.
Kean Hin

Deborah Hans wrote:

Saw this on other website.... What have u got to say, my friend.


Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Interesting Qi Gong Discussion


I find this discussion most interesting. I am a serious practitioner of ZQ as well as Msater Liu's ZBE/THCMM and therefore I would like to share my experience with everyone.

1. "However the middle channel as introduced by Mr Liu is a mentally created tube of qi." - This is not correct. The practice of ZBE/THCMM does NOT employ any mental visualization. The practitioner merely carries out the gong as prescribed by Master Liu. In other words... "Just Do It."

2. A crucial (and perhaps, more controversial) element in the practice of ZBE/THCMM is the "Tao Field". "Qi Field" as I understand contains only information whereas the "Tao Field" has the added dimension of "Power". The power said to be added into the qi field and hence the term, "Tao Field". While one may ague whether Master Liu indeed has the ability to add the dimension of "Power" to the "qi field"; it cannot be denied that power can be added to an energy field. For instance, "Mantras" or "Words of Power" can be created by an enlightened master. How an enlightened attaches power to words (to produce mantras) is by writing these words when he has an "utterly void mind".

3. Finally, just to share my own experience. I have definitely benefited from the ZBE and THCMM gongs having faithfully practiced it initially as a supplement to ZQ and finally making it a main daily "gong" for a total of something like seven months now. By practicing ZBE/THCMM on for my own daily practice (about 1 to 2 hours a day) and ZQ together with my ZQ group for two days a week... I find that I have certainly made a huge improvement in my LCUPCD and XSZ. I have also found my third level practice (Wu Yuan Zhuang) greatly enhanced as a result of ZBE/THCMM but I had to put my "Wu Yuan Zhuang" on hold for the moment as I had experienced tremendous emotional reactions.

4. I am sure it is not mental creation... Certainly..., during the online group practice, especially in the early stages of starting ZBE/THCMM, I had experienced strong "energy field" during group practice.

5. In conclusion, I personally recommend keeping an open mind. Remember: "An open mind is able to embrace all possibilities." It is important in our mind cultivation (a very important aspect of ZQ practice), that we do not falsely believe that only our practice is superior to all others and thus close our mind from everything else. More importantly, we should not "scorn others" for to do so can only indicate that we are too proud of ourselves and think ourselves as superior to others. To prevent ourselves from falling into this false believe, I would like to quote an excerpt from the daily meditations: "365 Tao" by Deng Ming Dao which goes like this:

The journey of humanity is the journey from ignorance to enlightenment. It's like an endless march of souls through eternity. If you are standing in an infinitely long line of souls, how can you say that your position is superior to others? When there is no head and no end to the line, it doesn't matter what place you hold. Therefore it is foolish to look down on those standing behind. They now occupy the place where you once stood. Instead of pride, you should feel compassion. If you cannot remember this, just think of all the people ahead of you. You aspire to their place, and you should work diligently.

"Hun yuan ling tong!"

Kian Tee

Ooi Kean wrote:

1. While most forms of qigong have their dantians at a level lower than navel it doesn't mean there is no other forms having it at navel level. "Song of 13-Stance" of Taiji has clearly indicated that at least the original Taiji has the lower dantian at mingmen-navel level. Sadly, many modern taiji practitioners and teachers do not have any idea about this at all.

2. ZQ is a human science. And centre for bodily qi or lower dantian is most natural at mingmen-navel level. So we have it there. Human comes from society and as a human science ZQ does not create anything image inside the body in our practice.

3. Most of the teachings on middle channel (central meridian) and dantians (vital centres) opening of Mr Liu are on mental creations, which is very much away from the teaching of ZQ that is based on natural human study. The middle channel in ZQ will only be there when we reach a level whereby the hunyuan palace is open. The ZQ channel is not the same as in the Daoist or Tibetan Buddhist or other forms whereby they work through a lot of internal visualization (mentally created qi tube). In ZQ this channel could only be achieved through practice and also cultivation of daode (how we function as a human in society - not quite just morality) However the middle channel as introduced by Mr Liu is a mentally created tube of qi.

4. Mr Liu has claimed that he created the breathing exercise and sort of a break-through. He has also claimed that he has further developed ZQ. However similar exercise is found in the ZQ book Essence of Qigong. Even the name breathing exercise "huxicao" was mentioned there.

5. To those who finds Mr Liu's teaching useful, go ahead with it. However bear in mind that that is not pure ZQ anymore. And I strongly suggest those who follow that to compare their progress with correct ZQ exercises. Check your progress on mental and physical health. Because what I have witnessed recently is not encouraging.

6. Mr Liu can teach anything he wants and we could support anybody's teaching that we find interesting. However let ZQ be ZQ. Just hope that Mr Liu will just name whatever his creation in any name other then Zhineng Qigong.

Hun Yuan Ling Tong
Kean Hin

Schlotzhauer Axel wrote:

Pang Ming formed in the original Transmission of Zhineng Qigong a special place for the lower dantian no other Qigong is having. So the white spot for the lower dantien has a special location over the navel.
This I learned by a transmission cd Jane Xin of Abundant Chi
was using in her currently running group. But Zhineng Qigong has differentiated much and stands, non rarely I think, for other stuff.

On Dec 11, 2007 12:49 AM, Ooi Kean <> wrote:
Different forms will have different location of lower dantians. Some martial art forms have 5 lower dantians. In ZQ the centre of our lower dantian is at the level between navel and mingmen. Most other forms are at a lower level.

Kean Hin

VIVI JUNAEDI <> wrote:
Anybody can explain where the location of lower dantian according to znqg? Is it behind the navel, or 2inch lower than the navel? I have the impression that it is at the navel level, which is different than other qigongs, yoga, etc. The books on zhineng never show where lower dantian is, is it possible that the authors are also confused?


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Qi = "Bioscalar Energy"? This is a MUST READ for Qi Gong Practitioners.

I received this article through email and I am so excited by what I read.... Here it is in its entirety. Tell me what you think.

Bioscalar Energy: The Healing Power© 2000 Valerie Hunt

We have had many requests to (re)post this article written by Dr. Hunt in 2000. It is followed by an excerpt from her book Mind Mastery Meditations in which she first described how to create a scalar wave.Most leaders in the healing arts accept that all mass including the body is composed of atoms which operate electrically and that organized electromagnetic energy called fields is involved in all healing. Certainly I have contributed to these facts with my research describing the science of the mind-field reported in Infinite Mind and Mind Mastery Meditations books. But I had lingering questions about how an electromagnetic field with frequency patterns directly and instantaneously effects dense tissue like cells, organs and systems.Most of us have accepted elaborate deductions of how this happened. I believe when the field patterns become more ideal (healthy) the bodily tissue follows. Such thinking has led us to believe that the human mind with consciousness is master of the body and its behaviors.Somehow I rejected complex enfolded answers as to what is the power that creates the healing. My higher wisdom told me that the source of information I sought was simple, straightforward and profoundly encompassing. On a broader level I even entertained the idea presented by some physicists that there was another undiscovered energy that would be found to explain the mystical happenings of remote viewing, distance healing, teleportation and the powerful acts of the yogi masters who resist crushing forces. Invariably I sensed that the unknown energy I was seeking was related to the electromagnetic field that I had researched but that somehow it was different; it had new dimensions and properties. Woven into the philosophies of ancient cultures and religions, are forces called chi, psi, and life force. While I did not reject such beliefs, as a scientist I was looking for energy with power that carried tangible effects and could be created in and outside the body to fuse biological information with para-psychological knowing.Along this line my first new insights came while I observed, even participated, with some outstanding psychic surgeons. I was not interested in whether they removed bodily tissue or cured symptoms. I was only interested in did they open the body without pain and bleeding and close it up without leaving scars. During my work with them I put my fingers into their incisions and felt the intestines and periosteum of the person (familiar from my long experience teaching anatomy using cadavers). In one instance the psychic surgeon pushed unrolled gauze into an incision "to absorb the contaminations". Before he closed the incision I took hold of the gauze and pulled it to one side. To my wonderment the skin and incision moved to that side. Only then was I convinced he had opened the body but I didn't know how. Later came an amazing discovery. These men did not radiate electromagnetic energy through their auric field like healers do. The psychic surgeon's bodies were like inert posts. Such was so strange that I had believed that I had lost my sensitivity to electromagnetism under the amazement that they had opened the body so easily. At that moment a world-renown animal psychic and healer, Samantha Khury, entered our small circle radiating her strong electromagnetic field. It was then that I recognized the energy created by the psychic surgeons was different from that created by good healers. What the energy was and how they created it was still a mystery for me.Weeks later my persistent questions and growing impressions fused. I realized that the psychic surgeons did not emanate an electromagnetic wave action. Somehow they did their dramatic work with a strong, huge but more passive energy. It was then that I remembered my contact with Tom Beardon and Eldon Byrd some 15 years ago at Psychotronics meetings. They lectured and wrote about scalar energy. Even then I grasped the importance of this information but I could not relate that energy to electromagnetism, my field of study. Before I share with you my excitement and personal discovery of Bioscalar Energy, the conscious ways to create it and its clinical results here is a brief summary about scalar energy. The term scalar was used by Nikola Tesla at the end of the last century as a part of powerful non-Hertzian energy (without frequencies) which he referred to as cosmic waves. Einstein gave reference to the scalar energies in the 1920's. Yet even today modern physics textbooks and scholarly publications do not mention scalar energies. This is understandable. The electromagnetism that we know so much about has frequencies, wave action and motion that we can measure. Scalar energy is described to have zero frequencies, to be static, a stationary energy which therefore cannot be evaluated by our current frequency instruments. We do know how to create this energy but only its effects tell us that it exists in space and has power.During the Cold War Tom Beardon and Eldon Byrd, visionary and somewhat rebel physicists-engineers, discovered the Russian development of scalar standing energy and how it could be transported as a powerful weapon. This energy was created from high voltage generators. (Fortunately for the world it was never used destructively).Andrija Puharich, physicist, researching in Germany, developed a miniature milli-volt scalar generator. The ELF Co. of the USA refined his scalar module placing it in a "Teslar" wristwatch that created a standing energy to protect the wearer from destructive environmental radiation.
What is Scalar Energy?
The literature states that the scalar is created when two common electromagnetic waves come together from two different converging vectors or angles; where the energy vectors meet the equal frequencies cancel each other leaving a standing or stationary energy. The space the scalar occupies is not a vacuum but alive with checked and balanced energies. The literature describes that it can be created by electromagnetic generators or naturally when similar frequency waves in the environment meet from two different vectors. Therefore, small random scalar energies are always present in the environment. I have discovered that when the Mind-Field™ is consciously focused, intent can direct electromagnetic frequencies to enter the body at opposite ends of a straight angle or line, i.e. front to back, up to down, right to left, placing scalar energy in the trunk, head and legs. I believe that the bioscalar is the sustained energy for healing that all successful healers create and direct. In the same way each of us can create the powerful resting bioscalar energy and by thought we can direct it to bodily areas and give it instruction to: eliminate pain, heal traumatized tissue, destroy disease and eliminate tumor growths. Certainly this is not a new thought to the healing arts, however the mechanism by which the mind creates and directs this energy is new and scientifically verifiable.Beardon believed that the scalar energy resided in the nucleus of the atom. How profound! If this is true, the bioscalar energy is deeper than cells, molecules, genes, and the DNA. It is a source energy that directly influences all tissue. Beardon further states that the scalar energy is a repository for information. Probably when human thought and intent make major changes in bodily tissue it occurs by creating and informing the scalar energy at the most microscopic level – the nucleus of the atom.After the energy starts pooling at the center of your body , this is where your intent takes over. Now consciously direct the energy to a location with information as to what it is to accomplish, such as: remove pain, clear trauma, destroy disease, rebuild degenerated tissue and absorb growths. You may change vectors to another plane. Depending on the severity of the health problem this procedure should be continued for 10 minutes to several hours.When healing another person it is best to increase and stabilize your own electromagnetic field first, followed by visualizing or hands-on treatment using the same procedure as creating a scalar in yourself. It is better to create the scalar for another person while exhaling. Many excellent healers create this bioscalar energy automatically without awareness or realization that they have manipulated the structure of electromagnetic waves.The scalar energy will increase in size up to a certain point if you continue creating it. When the internal pressure increases, the surface tension will lessen and the energy will expand in bodily tissue. Your intent can also start the expansion which continues until the energy is dissipated and returned to electromagnetism. You cannot store scalar energy indefinitely. If you need it you must re-create it. During the expansion phase the energy spreads out over molecules, cells, organs and systems. This is when healing takes place. Remember that the scalar energy is force by expansion. The human mind instructs it in its direction and its focus.
How Does the Scalar Heal?
1) Improving circulation.Research in 1950 at the Max Planck Institute in Germany found that when a mechanically created scalar wave was introduced into a petrie dish containing living cells, the cells separated, lost their clumping and became more active within the fluid medium. This is a significant finding. All disease, injury or degeneration is accompanied by swelling and stasis in blood and lymphatic circulation. The body's healing substances are then immobilized. Apparently the expansion aspect of the scalar energy improves circulation by removing the pressures. We have found that the scalar energy remarkably reduces swelling. I doubt that this occurs from ionization of fluids because the zero-frequency of the scalar is not ionized.
2) Improving chemistry.Puharich found improvement in the immune and endocrine systems from in vitro study of scalars. Rein did extensive biological studies using the Teslar watch. Lymphocytes exposed to the Teslar watch scalars increased proliferation by 75% compared to the same watch without a scalar coil. Using other scalar generators he discovered a modulation of basic biochemical communication between nerve cells. Byrd also showed scalar energy increased the strength of low-level EEG frequencies. Rein found individual differences in biological responses to both electromagnetic fields and scalar energy. Our research has shown that the individual's signature pattern of the electromagnetic field, probably the coherency of the individual's field, predicts the responsiveness to both energies. Furthermore, Rein questioned how much effect on biotissue could be uniquely attributed to the scalar wave since it exists in a larger electromagnetic field.
Clinical Evidence of Bioscalar Healing.
My students and I have used the bioscalar in healing for about 3 years. We have not encountered any illness, injury or surgery that the scalar energy did not help. The speed and completeness of recovery is outstanding. InjuryTraumatic injuries, fractures, dislocations, subluxations, and bone spurs have been completely healed in approximately one quarter of the average time. With one person pulverized fractures, where bone setting was impossible, re-grew down normal pathways in five months. Acute pain ordinarily only relieved by codeine or morphine became tolerable with across-the-counter analgesics. Medical Conditions.The anticipated time for surgery was considerably shortened. Bleeding was minimized with low hemoglobin patients. Recovery seemed to be much faster and more complete.Healing of hyperactive nervous disturbances like skin rashes or shingles were cured or shortened to days not weeks. More serious hyperactive diseases like scleroderma were greatly improved.The debility and course of action of viruses and bacteria was shortened. During congestive pneumonia there was rapid improvement of breathing without the introduction of oxygen.Cancer patients reported improved tolerance to chemotherapy.A degenerative liver condition following hepatitis C was greatly improved.Cellular degeneration was eliminated with one patient, another improved through standing and walking.A patient with a massive stroke with poor prognosis continues to improve.Scalar energy was particularly effective with ill domestic animals.Releasing Emotion.Healers report more incidences of release of tissue held emotions when they activate the bioscalar.Two patients who learned to create their own scalar energy reported breaking a long drug adduction without withdrawal symptoms.
Clinical results from our treating some common medical problems show that a combination of ordinary electromagnetic fields with bioscalar energy causes the fastest and most complete healing. The bioscalar energy adds the unique qualities of strength and sustaining power for enduring changes.The discovery of the bioscalar energy has many other pluses. It lets us know again the magnificence of the human mind to direct our destiny, to use our consciousness to create this powerful energy for healing self and others. It strengthens our security with independence from drugs Its only side effects are the improvement of health.My laboratory will explore the role of bioscalar energy in distance healing, remote viewing, telepathic communication and the feats of the masters to create "inhuman forces".BibliographyBearden, Thomas E., AIDS: Urgent Comments on Mankind's Greatest Threat and the Secrets of Electromagnetic Healing, Journal of the United States Psychotronics Association, Volume I, Number 1, 1988.Byrd, Eldon, Why Life Responds To and Radiates 10 Hz, Journal of the United States Phychotronics Association, Volume II, Number 1, 1989.Puharich, A., Fourteenth United States Psychotronic Association Conference on Bioenergy, Dayton, OH, 1988.Rein, Glen, Biological Interactions with Scalar Energy – Cellular Mechanisms of Actions, Proceedings Seventh International Association Psychotronics Research, December, 1988.Rein, Glen, Utilization of Cell Culture Bioassay for Measuring Quantum Fields Generated from a Modified Caduceus Coil, Proceedings 26th Intersociety Energy Conversion Engineering Conference, Austin, TX, August, 1991.

From the book Mind Mastery Meditations - article written by Dr. Valerie Hunt .Scalar Energy - The Universal Energy. Those wish to get more info please email to:

Friday, October 12, 2007

Being mindful of applying of our conceptual relativism to TAO

October 11, 2007
Hi Dawn,

Please allow me to quote you:

Thank you for the quote Kian Tee, it is a much more lyrical statement than I usually say to myself as part of the qi field. I disagree, though, that our mother Earth does not mind being cheapened by pollution. I think she cries and bears it, as abuse from her unconscious children. May we all wake up and begin to love and care for our Mother. I remember how shocked I was one visit with my aging Mom when I realized that the tide had turned in our relationship and I was going to become the caretaker rather than being primarily nourished by my Mom (who made me food, and washed my clothes and in general took care of me like a child when I came to visit as an adult) It was the beginning of a more wholesome and rewarding relationship! Dawn

I understand and share your concern about the damage being done to mother earth. Heaven and Earth are manifestations of TAO and therefore embraces all without judgement. Whatever we observe here in realm of this objective world are born out of our mind....

Therefore if we observe in stillness.... in stillness we do not pass judgement... in stillness we can develop sincerity and therefore spiritual constancy, with spiritual constancy we approach the state of "Wu Wei".

Change subject:
Da Bei Zhou: Words of power. This mantra carries power to heal... Here's the link to Da Bei Zhou if you are interested...

Hun Yuan Ling Tong,
Kian Tee

Thursday, October 04, 2007


Barry, a fellow Zhineng Qigong practitioner had an amazing experience while driving when he got hit by what turned out to be a steel hook from an oncoming truck... The rest of the story is best told in his own words:

This for Felix and refers to an incident that happened a few years ago:
An Example of Spontaneous Healing
I was driving along a country road on a super hot summer day. The window was open and my arm rested on the door, with my hand just under the mirror. The car was going approximately 80 or 90kmph. when I saw an oncoming vehicle, a tow truck, to be exact. He appeared to be doing the same speed more or less. It appeared no more important than the farmer's fields and rolling country side.

In the instant just before we passed each other, something on the left side of the truck caught my eye- a black shape whipping back and forth in the wind. There was a nano second between realizing what it was- a black elastic bungee cord, (the kind with a metal "s" hook used as a tie down) and the intense pain from my index finger. The metal hook had struck my finger at a combined speed of approx. 160 to 180kmph! In mph., that's a minimum of 100.

At that point, I was in too much pain to realize that although I had lost a chunk of flesh, it could have been much, much worse- my entire finger could have been torn off.

I started to apply chi immediately. to the 1/8" hole in my finger. Within a few minutes, the pain subsided. The bleeding stopped shortly thereafter. For the remainder of the drive home,about 45 minutes, I continued applying chi . The sensation of healing energy was very strong but varied in intensity because my concentration was split between that and driving.

Since the pain had stopped, I didn't really bother to look at my finger after the first 10 minutes or so. All that I've written to this point, is pretty amazing, but I've experienced it before.

Here's the part that's new: When I arrived home, stopped the engine and got out of my car, two things became very apparent.

1. There was a 10" long scratch in the paint on my door, just below the mirror where my hand had been resting.

2. The injury had completely disappeared. Nothing, Rien, Nada. No scab, no sign of new skin, nothing! As far as any observer could ascertain, there had never been an injury there in the first place.

I have several other examples to share if there is anyone interested that to me is even incredible. They are interventions by my first teacher, Master Liu Yuan Ming


On my request he has graciously agree to share the following story with us:

Hi Kian Tee,
The amazement that Felix and Sara expressed 9/29 about my spontaneous healing event has been a feeling that I've had many, many time throughout my years of practice. Let me describe an incident with my first teacher quite a few years ago now. The inspiration comes from Felix's comment :

" Unimaginable! This is not magic, but miracle! "

I used to practice with Master Liu inside his home during the winter. We both looked forward eagerly to returning outside to a hill nearby , as soon as possible. Generally, that was in March. The ground was still frozen but most of the snow had already melted. Of Course, it was always at sunrise and we faced the east. My position was always behind him. He "drove" and I followed.

This one morning was no different from other times: wool hat, good gloves, frosty breath lingering on the still air. The ground at our particular spot consisted partly of frozen mud and the balance was ice from puddles that had refrozen from the sub zero (celcius) temperatures overnight.

During the 20 minutes or so we took to do chapter one (LCUPCD), the sun rose, cold and weak on the horizon. As usual, to prepare for chpt 2. (Union of the Three Hearts) , we spread our feet apart to the proper position..
Nothing unusual, or so I thought, until I was distracted by the sun reflecting off the melted water between my teacher's feet. To be precise, the puddle was the exact outline of his feet.

Being a junior scientist, I noted the phenomenon and came up with a hypothesis; Conduction of heat through the bottom of his boots, combined with 20 minutes of not moving. Obvious explanation, right?
What do junior scientists do? They test the hypothesis.: If he melted the ice under his boots, then I must have done the same. Nope! Where my feet had been was still ice -cold and hard. Conclusion; Abandon hypothesis.
The same thing happened at the end of chpt. 2 : The sun, a little brighter this time, reflected off two new puddles, same shape and size. They were hard to miss because his feet were size 13 . Junior scientist examined the ground around him again and there was only ice. Whoops!
Throughout the remaining hour that we practiced the other 3 chapters, he produced a rectangle of mud and water , approximately 36 inches by size 13. Where the junior scientist had stood, pure ice and frozen ground- No change at all. Very humbling, indeed! I could hardly contain myself, the awe was so over powering. By everything that I knew to be true, everything I had learned in any physical science course- THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE! Shit la merde! (as we say in Quebec)

It was all I could do to contain myself not to interrupt until after we concluded . At the appropriate moment, I pointed out the two spots- his and mine; mud and water, versus ice and frozen ground.

He shrugged his shoulders in a dismissive way and then laughed..
His answer:
" Its only Chi"

Its just energy and its available to anyone. Nothing special! Why? Because this ability as well as many others, is available to everyone- Just practice and be compassionate and giving and humble. Then you can do this or something similar because this becomes a part of you. And then eventually you can turn around to someone else and say -"Its only Chi."
The amazement stage serves as one of the many rewards and guides to practice further. But he always cautioned me that these phenomenon are NOT the goal. As he often said to me, these things come and then they go; like clouds in the sky and that's the natural evolution of things. Don't try to hang onto anything- visions, sensations, powers, etc.

So, Felix, I hope that explains a little why its neither magic nor miracle.


October 3, 2007
While not consistently posting, my practice... happily has been consistent. Doing ZBE produces very profound sensation of slow opening and closing of the body. My breathing during yang qi has dropped to between 4 to 5 breaths a minute.


The Height of Heaven, the Thickness of Earth
The body of heaven is extremely high. Open, round, immeasurable, it is boundlessly vast. Covering everything, containing everything, it produces myriad beings without presuming on its virtue, it bestows blessings on myriad beings without expectation of reward.

The earth is thick. Lowly, below all else, it bears everything and nurtures all beings. It bears the weight of mountains, endures even the erosive force of great waters. It tolerates being pierced by plants and trees, and it submits to the treads of birds and beasts. It does not mind being cheapened by pollution.

What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of emulating heaven and earth. If people can be open minded and magnanimous, be receptive to all, take pity on the old and poor, assist those in peril and rescue those in trouble, give of themselves without seeking reward, never bear grudges, look upon others and self impartially, and realize all as one, then people can be companions of heaven.

If people can be flexible and yielding, humble, with self-control, entirely free of agitation, cleared of all volatility, not angered by criticism, ignoring insult, docilely accepting all hardships, illnesses, and natural disasters, utterly without anxiety or resentment when faced with danger or adversity, then people can be companions of earth.

With the nobility of heaven and the humility of earth, one joins in with the attributes of heaven and earth and extends to eternity with them.

by Liu I-Ming
translation by Thomas cleary.

Hope you guys like this...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MY Qigong Practice

I started practicing Zhineng Qigong in year 2002 and since then has become addicted to it. I discovered that it not only gives me a healthy mind and body but it is also a journey into something spiritual.... This year (2007) I started on some breathing exercises which proved to be very effective... more like a short cut to success. Below are some of my diary which I had posted in another forum for the breathing exercise practitioners:

May 12, 2007
Just popped into the classroom to see what happened while I gave class a second miss... rats... Looks like we have more members now. Hope next week week nothing crops up to prevent me from joining the class again.

Reading Jane's as well as Felix's notes, it seems like haing swollen hands and joints seems to be quite common. I do not have such reactions. However I after practicing ZBE and XTC for a while I start to feel a sense of 'space' inside my lower and middle dantian. Its like there's a big room inside. There are also lots of sensations inside my body which I do not know how to describe but I know for sure a lot of changes are happening inside. I wonder if any one has the same reaction.

My daily regime of gong starts as follows:
Morning (just before I start work) - I do half an hour of 'Dou ling' Step 11 of wu yuan zhuang.
Eveening after work: About 40 minutes of ZBE and XTC followed by either 70 minutes of Peng gong & San Xin Ping Zhan Zhuang or by Xing Shen Zhuang (also 70 minutes), or 70 minutes of Wu Yuan Zhuang followed by Zhn Zheng Kui Yuan Fa.

I do the above combinations on different days. Is the regime I am following okay as I am not strictly following the combo exercises outlined by Jane.

Response by my teacher, Jane:

Congratulation! Kian, the sensation of "space" is a good sign that chi is building up in your dantians. Keep on your practice.

For your regime, my suggestions are as follows:
1. Replace "Dou Ling" with Zhuan Yao Shuan Kua (10 min turning, 20 min for moving the tail-bone tip forward and backward).
2. The first 70 min. is OK, I don't recommend the second and third options, I'd rather spend more time on Yang Qi (Conserving chi meditation).

Response by Me
Thanks for your advice jane. Just to make sure I get it right....

Your advice is that I should do the ZBE & XTC as usual but spend longer time on 'yang qi' thereafter move on to Peng gong & 3CM.

Am I correct in saying that I should not do ZBE & XTC followed by either Xing Shen Zhuang or
ZBE & XTC followed by Wu yuan zhuang/zhangzheng kui yan fa options. (at the moment I do these options on different days and try to balance the fequency of each options)

Response by Jane
Yes. You got it.

  • In the Morning before work, 30 min Posture 6 of Body and Mind
  • In the evening, 30 min ZBE, 30 min LCUPCD, 15 min THCMM, 30 min Conserving Chi Meditation.
Stick to this schedule for three months, then you can try the entire Body & Mind or Five One Form once in a while, you will see big difference and you will experience sensations you never had before.

May 19, 2007
Hi Jane,
I followed your advice as above and find that I am able to feel my energy body (qi ren) much more profoundly when I do LCUPCD immediately after ZBE. Doing THCMM (XTC) after LCUPCD has definitely heightened the sensitivity of my head area... while moving the pads of my fingers along the head I could feel the surface of my skin very sensitive to the touch and this feeling extends right into the upper dantian.

One question I have in mind is why do ZBE - PCUPCD - THCMM instead of ZBE - THCMM and LCUPCD as earlier ecommended in your website? Also... is it necessary to follow LCUPCD with 3CM as is normally recommended?
It is quite flexible depending on one's practice plan. Usually the practitioner does not have plenty of time to cover all forms. The following two plans are both OK:
1。ZBE + THCMM + Yang Chi in the morning, LCUPCD in the evening
2. ZBE + LCUPCD + THCMM + Yang Chi.

If you do sufficient Yang Chi, you don't need 3CM. If you want to do 3CM, you've got to do it in a right way.

May 20, 2007
Jane, you said (in Shelley's path):
Relatively speaking, practicing LCUPCD and Three Centers Merging is like making money (chi), doing ZBE and THCMM is like saving money (chi), doing Body & Mind & Five One Form is like spending money (chi). That’s why when we practiced ZQ, we felt comfortable, when we did not practice, we felt uncomfortable. Chi was not stored in the Dantians but consumed, so the health level was not ultimately improved and no significant advancement was seen even we have been practiced ZQ for over a decade. We did not fully understand Prof. Pang’s thoughts.

I’d suggest you do only the Arching Back and the Turning Tailbone Tip (Posture 5 & 6), not the entire Body & Mind Form if you don’t have other special conditions to be treated.

Body & Mind is very good for the youth to build up a wonderful shape/figure. For the middle-aged and aged practitioners, we need to work on our five vital organs, not our limbs and body because we need a better health and longevity.

If I concentrate on ZBE/Peng gong/XTC for three months which will build up my qi in the dantains.... can I then go back to regular practice of Xing shen zhuang and wu yuan zhuang supplemented by ZBE & XTC. A regime that would go something like.....
Day 1: Morning... Step 6 of Xing shen zhuang. Evening... ZBE/Peng gong&3CM/XTC
Day 2: Morning... Step 6 of xing shen zhuang. evening... ZBE/XTC/Xing Shen zhuang&Xun Jing Dao Yin Fa
Day 3: Mprning... Step 6 of xing shen zhuang. Evening... ZBE/XTC/Wu yuab zhuang & Zhang Zhen Kui Yuan Fa
Day 4: back to routine in day 1 and so on...

Would appreciate your advice...

Dear Kian,
I'm afraid you would not want to go back to your routine in three months. Anyway, let's try out the current plan first, and then we will figure it out what you need by that time.
We are not practicing for the practice. We want to see the effects and benefits.

Okay I have decided that I will stick to the ZBE/Peng gong/XTC combination routine daily (not forgetting step 6 of Xing shen zhuang in the morning) for three months. Actually I have just finished a session of ZBE/Peng gong/XTC lasting about 1 hr 36 minutes. Doing peng gong immediately after ZBE and yang qi really make my movements very fluid and during yang qi meditation after XTC, I find my breathing slowing down very considerably to about 8 breaths a minute. I know because I have made a meditation music to time my practice.

I must say that I really enjoyed the session especially the meditation part. I believe I am embarking on a new journey to the spirituality that I have come to associate with zhineng qi gong...

May 25, 2007
Looks like among those who posted their diary I am the only one who does not post every day...
The fact is I do not change my daily schedule except on Saturday and Sunday when I have my usual zq group practice with my fellow practitioners here in Malaysia.
After following the practice regime recommended by Jane I am seeing some results:
1. Doing Peng gong (LCUPCD) has never been more easy and effortless

2. Taking note of Jane's pointer on having to focus on the tip of the tailbone during the forward and backward swing of the spinal column, I have noticed significant change: the lower section of my back bone (lumbar region, I think) now feels as if each vertebrae in it can move as well. More remarkable is the feeling of the entire spine being connected right up to my upper dantian when the swinging action is done. The lower part of the spine s 'feels alive'.

3. This morning I woke up with a sensitive join in my right hand - the first joint of the middle finger and the right palm. The first time it happened to me.

4. Generally I find it easier to go into my qi gong state and deeper too.

Change subject....

I have read about emotional issues arising during practice and people losing their temper. I have also experience sudden losing of temper in myself as well. How I deal with this is during my moments of quiet 'yang qi' meditation, I allow myself to look at the issue again.... If the feeling of anger arises again as I re-live it, I do not suppress it...., I just let the feeling of qi rise up and fade away by itself. After a while I will be able to look at it with no emotion attached and begin to see why and how it happen. I believe that when this happens... another self within is looking at it.

For my own emotional outburst... I have come to understand it as my 'ego' refusing die and has to make its presence felt since my practice of zq is threatening its very existence. Therefore nothing to alarmed abour. Allow it to surface... confront it and soon I will overcome it.

Hun yuan ling tong! and thank to all for sharing...

May 29, 2007
Was travelling again. Tried to find the opportunity to log on on Saturday but could not do so. Nevertheless I managed to keep up with my practice routine. Noticed from the posts that every body is making some progress and more importantly every one is willing toshare their experience.

I notice further changes during my gong. While doing ZBE, the sensation I have is of my entire body expanding outwards and while breathing out the same sensation of the entire responding is felt. Felt that my waist is very relaxed and 'loose' druirng ZBE. Doing LCUPCD, the sensation of qi is so strong that I feel as if I may lose my balance.

Generally I do not feel tired but somehow felt sleepy. As if I do not have enough sleep which is not the case... Any advice from Jane or others is much appreciated.

Hun yuan ling tong my dear friends...
It is normal to feel sleepy doing ZBE while it is abnormal if you do not feel sleepy. It is because new space has been opened up and you don't have sufficient chi yet to fill in it.

Doing the forms in the following sequence may help you to keep awake:

ZBE (1) + THCMM + Yang Chi + ZBE (2)+ THCMM + Yang Chi + ZBE (3)+ THCMM + Double Yang Chi

Gradually, you will personally experience all the beauty of LCUPCD as described by Prof. Pang.

June 3, 2007

I have just read all the postings by our fellow practitioners. Learn alot from just these postings and Jane's answers to their queries. Last Saturday (June 2, 2007) was my first full uninterrupted lesson with the class. I was more settled and therefore able to concentrate in the class. During master Liu's chanting of HYLT, I recited along with him and felt a deep sense of calm and well being. The healing part of the class is equally wonderful. I felt enveloped by a pleasant warmth all around me. Must admit that in my four years of ZQ practice I have not felt this before... So glad to see two more new members join the class. Sunday, June 3, 2007 is a busy day for me: In the morning I have two hours of Wu Yuan Zhuang group practice and in the evening another two hours of Peng Gong & Xing Shen Zhuang at another location in town. Did not get to do my ZBE/LCUPCD/THCMM practice. Looking forward to the next class.

June 4, 2007

Managed to put in some extra practice today. After work 1 hr 36 minutes of ZBE/YangQi/LCUPCD/YangQi/THCMM/YangQi.

After dinner, just before bed time did another 1hr 20 mins of BE1/THCMM/ZBE2/THCMM/ZBE3/THCMM/30mins Yang Qi.

Further progress made I think... while doing LCUPCD, my entire body feel more 'fluid' than ever before. During Qi nourishing (Yang Qi) meditation, my breathing slowed down very considerably. Remembering Jane's advice to look inside, I paid particular attention to focus within and not allow my mind to wander so much... Concentration is so good that I felt I am in the centre of my body... my mind opening and closing with the slow breathing, a warm sensation enveloped my body. The feeling of being so light, am aware of my body gently swaying.... feels so free... I think I could have allowed myself to carry on for much longer if I wanted too.

June 5, 2007
Back to your emphasis on 'looking inward' in our practice of ZBE.... If I am not mistaken, I remember in last Saturday's lecture you talked about the practitioner of LCUPCD having to focus his attention inward instead of visualizing into the far void when pushing out and visualizing into the body when pulling in. A few points came to my mind....

    That would mean one would have to do belly breathing during the 'push' and 'pull' action of LCUPCD, correct?
    It would appear therefore that in ZBE qi is aborped primarily through breathing instead of through mind attracting qi.
    In focusing attention inward, we are therefore not visualizing but paying close attention to the closing and opening of the dantians as we execute the push/pull?
Your clarification is much appreciated.


There are methods of different levels to practice LCUPCD. If you think you are still at the External Hunyuan Stage, do as you used to. If you can keep your mind always within yourself, do as what we taught last week. You may not have to apply the belly breathing technique, but it would be better if you can do it in a natural way.

Yes, ZBE applies breath control to activate chi, not the mind in the beginning. There are visualization techniques at a higher level that we will teach in the future for specific purposes.

Your mind is centered in the Dantians, you still push and pull to/from the void but the Void is within the limit of your body. In other words, when you push, your palms are the limits of the blue sky - visualize the Void/blue sky within your body not outside your body.

I hope I made it clear.

Thank you very much Jane. After starting on ZBE I had noticed a difference in my feeling when doing LCUPCD as well as the other levels.... but I could not pin point what exactly, as the change is so subtle. After your lecture on Saturday, and on subsequent practice it became clear to me that my focus has shifted inward, that's why I wrote to you for confirmation.... Hun yuan ling tong!

June 6, 2007
I have just read your reply to devchi concerning the availability of reading materials and translations to basic members (by the way, how many basic members are there at the moment?)... As it is now, I have not decided to upgrade my membership primarily because of time factor and family commitments.

I do not know if my approach is correct but I am not in a hurry to delve too much or too deeply into theories...

1. I prefer to concentrate on the techniques taught so far and patiently work on it and abserve my own progress.
2. Learn from others experiences on this forum.
3. Mind cultivation: I am a keen student of 'Taoism' and I read various translations of "Tao Te Jing".
4. I love the spiritual (non-religious) teachings of Eckhart Tolle.

Basically my approach is to focus on the techniques taught and with each change that takes place within... the understanding will (hopefully) emerge. Actually that's how i have been conditioned since I started my zhineng qigong practice: Classes and lectures are conducted in Mandarin and in the lecture and discussion sessions I would only understand perhaps 50% of what has been said by the teacher . I do not worry about it but would just follow what the teacher teaches and sensations and feelings that came with each practice tells me whether I am getting it or not.

I would appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks and hun yuan lin tong!
Among the current 16 registered students, we have only 3 basic members.

At the level of Tao, a theory is a method, a method is a theory, the theory and the method are an entirety.

One of the disadvantages of ZQ teaching outside of China is that the attention was paid to the practice of forms only due to the lack of translations of the nine text books by Prof.Pang. The students know how to practice but were not taught why they had to practice in that way.

Without studying the theories, I will not be able to answer any of your questions.

It's OK and your choice to stay as a basic member.

June 10, 2007
Satruday's lecture: I had interrupted transmission of video/audio for much of the session. Some problem with our connection here. Despite that, I was calm throughout and did not get upset.

Must be the calming influence of the Tao field. Something interesting.... After making three bows of respect to Master Liu, I felt a strong flow of qi coming into me through my 'tianmen region' It was powerful but gentle. As the qi moves down, felt my 'baihui' being lifted up. And I thought to myself... could this really be master Liu's transmission....

Thereafter for much of the time, I did not get much audio coming through. For the rest of the session I just stay calm and pay attention to my breathing... conscious to synchronize each breath with the rising and fall of the abdomen which I notice leads to a very relaxed state of the waist.

Juen 10 - Morning did group practice on Wu yuan zhuang. Evening: group practice on Peng Gong and Xing Shen Zhuang.

Cultivation: Resolved to do something each day that would result in a positive outcome i.e. leading to happiness. At the end of the day to ask myself what are these positive actions.

Positive action for the day: Helped my wife mob the floor, clean up the varendah, and bathe the dog. why positive? I did these only once in a blue moon (so says my wife). If I can make it a point to do it every week end, it will change her perception of me being the 'lazy husband'

June 13, 2007
Hi Jane and all my fellow practitioners!
For the past two days did not post as I have nothing note worthy to report.
This morning, I started the day as usual, doing step 6 (rotate hip & swing tail bone) of xing shen zhuang and noticed a new development:

I think I have found a new understanding in the term "Xing shen he yi" (Body and mind become one)... About five minute into doing it, I gradually begin to feel that it is not just my waist rotating. I could feel that my mind is also rotating in unison with the motion of the lower body. While this is happening, the entire spine feels 'whole' and connected right up to my upper dantian. I do not know how to describe it except to say that it is really a nice feeling.

Looking forward to this evening when I work on ZBE/LCUPD/THCMM. I am quite sure a new experience will manifest... if not now surely some other time. Such is the effectiveness of the ZBE/THCMM techinque that I am quite used to new experiences after every few days of conscientinuous practice.
I am so glad that I made the decision to join this class.

June 14, 2007
Started step 6 of xing shen zhuang at 7:45am and finished 8:25am. Same sensation of near total merger between motion and mind. Realized that I could merge my mind with any part of my body that is in motion. For example, if I clasped my hands together in praying position and 'wiggle' my palms and fingers to produce snake like movement, I could easily merge my mind into it and the sensation will be totally different. It will feel as if the movement is happening deep inside my yintang as well... What do you make of this, Jane?

Change subject:
Do you have a CD or tape of Master Liu's healing music for sale?

It's the power of our Tao Field and Master Liu's spiritual transmission you received.

Since you mind did not go out of your body any more, it is easier to merge with the body chi. Very good advancement. I can't imagine what would happen to you in three years.

Regarding the CDs, I'm still working on it and I have to obtain Master Liu' s permission for distribution. I plan to make one for general healing and another for cancer patients.

It's a rare gift that can not be traded even with gold in traditional linages.

We are all lucky being blessed.

June 16, 2007:
Enjoyed Saturday's lecture as usual. I have been putting in 1-1/2 hrs ZBE/LCUPCD/THCMM nearly everyday and occasionally adding the second variation of ZBE1/THCMM, ZBE2/THCMM and ZBE3/THCMM. So far I am truly encouraged by the result I am getting. Each time I focus my mind inward, I can feel my entire body as a qi body... absolutely 'fluid' and flowing. Doing ZQ becomes a very enjoyable experience because of this new found 'fluidity' of the body.
Of particular interest in yesterday's lecture is the part about how one's emotion can be affected depending on which part of the dantian is about to be opened. I guess that accounts for some of the emotional ups and downs I have been experiencing.
This forum for us to record our progress as well as for asking any questions is a very good idea. I can imagine that one day I will be reading all my past positngs and realized how I have come to whatever stage/level of gong I am in. Only one question in my mind...
How many pages will be stored before they are removed from the server?

June 17, 2007
Sunday has always been a busy day for me as far as ZQ practice is concerned. Despite that I managed to put in about 1 hr 20 minutes of ZBE1/THCMM; ZBE2/THCMM and ZBE3/THCMM.

Noticed another new development: While doing ZBE, I would normally focus on relaxing the abdomen so that I could expand and contract the abdomen naturally while doing ZBE. This results in a rather localized feeling in the abdomen. Today it is different, the sensation is much more whole some. Five breaths inward, my entire body seems to expand outward into the void while five breaths out produces similar sensation. Doing THCMM, my head felt very sensitive to touch and I could feel qi following the movement of my fingers as they gently go through the motions. An added sensation is in the soles of my feet: I could feel my entire sole tingling and as I go through the THCMM motion, could feel the tingling sensation slowly moving up my legs right up to my knees.

June 19, 2007
Dear Jane,
I recall on May 20, 2007 you told me (in reply to a question of mine) that in three months " would not want to go back to my old routine.."

Just about a month after what you predicted, yesterday (June 18, 2007) as I was doing my usual ZBE/LCUPCD/THCMM gong the following happened:

After ZBE I was in the yang qi meditation stage... my meditation music was playing. I remember the sensation of my entire being responding to every breath that I decided to carry on doing 'yang qi' despite the LCUPCD 'kou ling' by Pang Laoshi coming on. Hence instead of 1-1/2 hour ZBE/LCUPCD/THCMM I ended up doing:

ZBE - 20 minutes
Yang Qi - 30 minutes
THCMM - 15 minutes
Yang Qi - 30 minutes

Later on just before I retire for bed, I did another 1 hr 10 minutes ZBE1/THCMM; ZBE2/THCMM & ZBE3/THCMM.

This morning, June I did my usual 30 minutes step 6 of Xing shen zhuang and found the sensation was totally different from before....

So I have made up my mind that from now on, that I would only do ZBE/THCMM for my personal practice while LCUPCD/Xing shen zhuang & Wu yuan zhuang will only be done on Wednesdays and Sundays, when I have my group practice.

For me personally this is a "leap of faith" in the effectiveness of ZBE/THCMM and in master Liu.

June 23, 2007
Last night, June 22, I managed to put in 2 hours of ZBE1/THCMM; ZBE2/THCMM & ZBE3/THCMM. Breathing during qi nourishing (yang qi) part of the practice feels wholesome... like my entire body (including mind) is breathing: awareness expands outwards when breathing in. Mind gently focused into lower dantian before awareness satrts to expand out into the rest of my doby during breathing out. Very pleasant experience. Notice too that my spinal column must be totally relaxed and flexible before I could sense (feel) what I described above.

This morning, decided to do wall squat which i had not done for quite some time. Did it for half an hour and I am pleasantly surprised that at the end of it I do not feel physically tired. During the down ward squat, I could feel qi pulling my 'baihui' up and my spinal column being stretched. This balances my nody weight and result in a smooth and controlled squat through the half hour of squatting. Definitely another big improvement which I know is attributed to my dantians being filled with more qi now.

June 30, 2007
I have not posted since June 23, 2007. Just in case you are wondering what happened to me... I am still keeping to my routine.

This morning, June 30, 2007, I did 1 hour of step 6 Xing shen zhuang. At the start of practice during preparation: relaxation and setting up qi field, I noticed that just by going through the verbal directives mentally in my mind causes strong sensation of qi movement. For instance thinking "bai hui shang ling, sia ke nei shou" (lift bai hui and tuck in chin) I could feel qi pulling up my bai hui and I just allowed the motion to take place by itself. When it comes to the recitation of the eight verses... especially at the part on ".... mind is clear..., appearance..., humble...": Normally I would visualize a person whom I truely respect to 'feel' humble. This morning with my mind seeming to take the lead into actions, I could let my mind go and feel utterly relaxed at this stage... So instead of using my conscious mind to visualize the person whom I most respect, I allowed my mind to drift and what I 'feel' and 'see' is surprising. I see my own self: 'eyes closed and face smiling peacefully'... not a care in the world.... At this point I noticed that I am still thinking...

I thought to my self... It is wonderful to see myself so peaceful. I am so happy at the same time because deep inside I know that I do not need an "image of a person other than I" to be able to invoke the feeling of being "humble".

Thereafter doing my step 6: rotating the tail bone and swinging the tail bone is simply a joyful experience. I feel so in control. Different from before in the sense that I can feel the motion coming from my mind and not from my conscious effort to cause the movement.


Jane, if my understanding is wrong, please correct me. What I mean is my new found ability to use my mind (and therefore qi) to bring about the movement of the tail bone instead of conscious effort to cause the rotation/swinging of the tail bone.

I understand what you tried to describe.
Because you cultivated lots of internal chi in your Dantians, chi follows your mind spontaneously in a natural way.
Before you did not have sufficient chi, you had to force yourself to visualize something.


Thanks Jane. Since starting on ZBE/THCMM the qi of my dantians (all three of them) have definitely increased. Makes me realize how very important it is to build up the qi reservoir before one goes into other forms that 'spends' qi.

Another change that I noticed has taken place is that my breathing is now very much smoother than before. This has heightened my 'awareness perception' of things... if you know what I mean.

I would like to thank you for your efforts put in to introduce us to ZBE/THCMM and I am sure more will join our class.

Looking forward to today's open day and I wish all Canadians a "Happy Canada's Day".

July 3, 2007
Yesterday, a day after our 'web open day', I went through my routine as usual (alternating ZBE & THCMM) and noticed sensations during the practice is different. Throughout the practice my entire being felt like I am 'blown up' somewhat like the "Michelin Man tyre" if you know what I mean.

It felt so good that just before I retire for bed, I decided to do another 77 minutes of LCUPCD with 3CM. Words will not be able to express what I had experienced. During zhan zhuang, my entire body expand and contract with each breath that I take. When I inhale I can feel the air/qi going directly into my lower dantian... but wait there is more to it. My dantians are a continuous space from lower right up to the top. Similar sensation to what Felix reported.

My conclusion: I am absolutely convinced that Master Liu's Tao Field contains not only information but also the power/energy to clear my qi channels allowing it to become more harmonized. Hun yuan ling tong!
Why I say this....I do not understand what was sung in the transmission music during the web open day, but as always these sort of situation do not worry me. I just listen to the music which sounded rather like a lively 'pop song' and stay gently focussed on my lower dantian which begin to 'stir' during the session. I know that if I do that I will receive the transmssion. Never mind the words of the song!

July 8, 2007

I have not posted for the whole of last week. Some issues arise at the work place and threw my concentration/focus for a while... . Had it not been for becoming stronger mentally since my spiritual journey began with Zhineng Qigong and now with ZBE/THCMM I might have been worse off. By the end of the week I was almost completely taken over by my egoic self until I read an email from a Taoist friend and realized it in time before I do more damage to myself, others and my cultivation... I would like to share this with my friends here:


Chinese character for the word "point": eye see one day ... such color.....

Make the mind
A single point

The key to meditation is to concentrate the mind into a single point. There are many methods for doing this, from singing, to listening to holy words, to contemplative procedures. But at the end result is the same: to focus our minds sharply.

A point has a definite position in space but neither size nor shape.
A point marks an actual place in time, such as a point of departure.
A point is the very essence of something, as in the point of an idea.
A point is a coordinate for navigation.
A point is the dominant center, as in the principal point of perspective.
A point determines our outlook, as in point of view.

Once the mind is made into a single point, it takes on the above attributes. In contrast, a mind that is not focused is dispersed over a wide area. Its thoughts are scattered, its energies at the mercy of a thousand influences and is easily disoriented. The result is confusion, gnorance, unhappiness, and helplessness. A mind that is clearly focused, however, receives all to say that its world revolves around it. It is no longer has to chase after all that appears before it.

365 Tao
Deng Ming-Dao

Hun yuan ling tong,

July 8, 2007 - Evening
Just return from my group practice. My friends at the group practice commented that I am looking much younger these days. Dare not tell them my secret yet as they are mostly quite conservative in their approach to the practice of Zhineng Qigong.

A while ago I read the notes on ZBE again and noted something that happened to me about two weeks ago and lasted for about 10 days. I will post that part of the notes here below:

In the process of ZBE practice, the practitioner may experience other reactions denoting improvement, such as colds, fevers, vomiting, diarrhea, oral ulcer, red eyes, physical weakness, dizzy head, cold or hot body, etc.

I had the red eye reaction. It did not occur to me that it was a reaction therefore I did not report it. My right eye was looking really horrible as the white part was complete filled with 'blood'... as if something has inflicted some physical internal injury on it. Anyway now I am glad to learn that it 'denotes an improvement'

What may I ask is the improvement that may arise out of this red eye manifestation?

Also while I was driving to the place where I do my group practice, and listening to a song, I was somehow overcome by a feeling of 'sadness' mixed with 'anger'. But what I am sad about is not very clear. After my group session of LCUPCD and Xing shen zhuang, I am okay again. Back to my normal self. . Then I read the ZBE notes and I guess this sudden feeling of sadness is again due to some reaction....:

The practitioner may experience distinct emotional or sentimental reactions due to the activities of the five internal organs, such as joy, anger, worry, deliberation and fear.

While accepting that this is a part of the reaction arising from ZBE, I just wonder why I am experiencing the emotional reaction. It is puzzling...

Hun yuan ling tong!

The red eye indicated that your chi went deeper from your skin and membrane level into your organic level - the liver, a improvement from external Hunyuan to internal Hunyuan.

The "sad" and "angry " emotional reactions had something to do with the chi activities in the lungs and the liver. Maybe you missed the lecture we dealt with emotional reactions.

July 15, 2007
There has been so much changes going on inside my body since I started ZBE/THCMM a lot of which I am unable to describe... For instance when doing ZBE 1, on breathing in, I could feel qi rising right up to my head and it will carry on until I feel as if I am being lifted off my seat by my bai hui. Doing ZBE 2, I can now breath really hard and take longer breaths. Seems like my lung capacity has increased. ZBE 3 feels the same as ZBE 1. Breathing in feels as if my entire body is being lifted right off my seat by my bai hui.

Also generally I am beginning to feel as if my whole body is connected to my upper dantian. For example if I just move my fingers slightly, I could also feel the movement in my upper dantian. I can certainly do my LCUPCD in a very relaxed manner. I have added the HYLT mantra during 3CM and found it to be really helpful to bring my mind deep inside my dantian.

The three months of doing more of ZBE & THCMM and less of the other forms of Zhineng qigong is nearly up and I think, Jane, you are right... I may not want to go back to my previous routine.

Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

P/S Forgot to mention that nowadays it is easier for me to sit ram rod straight because I am constantly being pulled up by my bai hui by qi!

July 18, 2007

Dear Jane,
I have been wondering about this sensation of very strong qi movement especially in my upper dantian to the extent that I can feel like my skull in the tianmen area being pushed very forcefully by something from inside trying to break out. Is it due to my tianmen being on the verge of opening? Once opened what will be the improvement? I hope you can shed some light on this.

This morning, I added our mantra “hun yuan ling tong” while doing step 6 of XSZ (rotating waist) and found that it made the movement very much more relaxed and controlled. I cannot be sure but I am quite positive that I have cleared some blockages in my spinal column as I can feel that it is much more flexible and whilst rotating it seems like the rotation is pivoted at a point near the solar plexus. From this point down to the tip of my tail bone it feels like my spine is a rigid ‘rod’ drawing small circles.

1. Is it okay to apply our mantra the way I did?
2. It seems to me the mantra carries with it certain energy as every time I recited the mantra I can sense energy rising from within. I remember reading somewhere in Samuel Lau’s translation “Using Yishi” that the mantra ‘hun yuan ling tong’ has ‘power’ or ‘information’ attached to it. Is this true and is hun yuan ling tong is invented by Pang He Ming laoshi.

Hun yuan ling tong,

I’d suggest you bring down the chi into your lower Dantian by doing Yang Chi and chanting within the lower Dantian. It’s not safe to open up Tianmen if your throat joint is not “melted”. Focus on your Lower Dantian first.

Good with the spine.

To your questions:
1. Yes, any time any where.
2. The Phrase was invented by Prof. Pang, he added the information, but it is Master Liu who added the power and energy into it. ZQ practitioners chanted it for over 20 years, few encountered miracles like we experienced after we received the transmission from Master Liu.

July 19
Thanks for your advice, Jane. How would I know if my throat joint has been melted. Is there any particular form to 'melt' the throat joint? What does it mean by melting the throat joint?

Actually I have had this sensation of something trying to break through my skull for a period of time last year. It then went away but since I started ZBE/THCMM, it came back and now it is very much more stronger. For instance as I am writing this email, I can feel the sensation. On standing up I will feel myself being lifted up straight by this force and feeling 'light'.

Whatever it is I will take your advice to bring the qi down to my dantian in the way you have adviced. Thanks again for your guidance.
Your Adam's apple will completely disappear if the true chi passes it. Yes, there is some special technique to "melt" it, but you will need lots of true chi so you need to practice more of ZBE. Still too early for that topic.

Let's stay on the ground safely first before we think about "flying".



July 21, 2007
I have yet to receive the CDs I have ordered but nevetheless, I have made a recording of the healing music during one of our group practice and used it for my ppractice yesterday. The recording is 40 minutes. I played it three times: First time for ZBE1/THCMM/YQ, Second time for ZBE2/THCMM/YQ and the third time for ZBE3/THCMM/YQ. Two hours in total.

Also followed your advice to recite the HYLT mantra into my lower dantian during yang qi. This morning I felt the pressure on my tianmen has eased considerably and I am more in control of the qi trying to get out of my tianmen.

Got to mention that I had some time to do some wall squats and it is still the same, I can do it with ease as I feel light with qi supporting my weight.

You said that my Adam's apple will disappear if true qi passes. What about for a lady? What is the sign to tell them that their throat bones has 'melted'?


The female also has such bone structure, it is just hidden and not so obvious. It's a subtle state the practitioner will know himself/herself once the true chi passes without any blockage.

July 22, 2007
A busy day for me as usual. Morning I had wu yuan zhuang and evening LCUPCD & Xing Shen Zhuang. During 3CM I added HYLT mantra and felt really peaceful and could concentrate deep into lower dantian.

Read 'Using Yishi'. In page 124, Pang Laoshi said that there is a qi field surrounding him and unlike others, he does not 'close up' his qi field. I would appreciate it if you could explain what is meant by 'open qi field and close qi field'. Is our Tao field close or open?


It's all about the consciousness cultivation.

Prof. Pang‘s chi field around him was open - he is willing to help anybody. His mind and heart are all open and his existence is to help the others.

Our Tao Field is also open. More over, Master Liu's Shen (mind and consciousness) has been unified with his chi, so this field is even more powerful. So we called it Tao Field.

A person's close chi field is caused by a self-orientated narrow mind.

July 27, 2007
Got my CDs two days ago. Yesterday I tried out the healing music. Got really absorbed into it and so I ended up just listening to the music while having my hands clasped over 'du chi'.... Until today I could still feel the profound effect of the healing music. It does seems more powerful with the CD.

Today I played the Mantra and while it is playing I did alternating ZBE and THCMM. At the end of 70 minutes I only manged to complete ZBE1/THCMM/YQ and ZBE2/THCMM/YQ. Played the CD another time to do ZBE3/THCMM/YQ... total time over two hours. Feels good...

Like what Shelly felt, breathing feels like my entire body is breathing. Not just localized to certain parts of the body. Sensation of Qi is so strong that I can feel my head swaying due to its movement. Sensation at 'yin tang' is especially strong.

So much changes going on inside my body. Also noticed that emotions, especially of anger, can cause strong qi movement right up to my head. Is chanting HYLT into lower dantian the best way to control it? Or are there other methods?
It's explained in details on how to deal with the emotional reactions, all in our class notes. Since you preferred to stay in Basic, so you don't have access to the reading materials.

When you feel angery, think about your heart and try to smile and laugh, direct your liver chi into your heart.

Open your heart and do not bother to care too much.

July 29, 2007
It has been a week of emotional roller coaster for me. I am positive it is due to qi reactions of my internal organs playing havoc with my emotions. Thanks for your advice on how to handle emotion of anger. I notice that with each episode of anger arising from within, it will be followed by a feeling of sadness and despair. But I cannot pin point what is causing these emotions. I would be grateful if you could also let me know how I should deal with emotion of of anxiety / apprehension.

As these emotions arises I can feel qi rising up to my head. Am I losing organ qi if I am unable to stop these qi from leaving the respective organ.

Where does the feeling anxiety originate from? I mean from which organ?

Thank you in advance for your answer/advice.


Dealing with emotional reactions :
i. Heart – joy (think of the nose tip to nourish the spleen)
ii. Liver – anger (think of a smiling face to nourish the heart)
iii. Lungs – sad (pretend to be in a fearful mode and make the chi
go to kidneys)
iv. Spleen – worries and anxiety (tap Baihui and think 
of the blue sky and white clouds)
v. Kidneys – fear (think of a green color in the back of the head)

I'd suggest you stop the practice of Five One Form. It's not a good form for you if there is no balance and harmony of the internal organic chi can be achieved. You can replace it with Zang Zhen Gui Yuan Fa in your regular schedule when you practice Five One Form.

July 30, 2007
Thank you very much for your advice. I had suspected that Five One Form is causing the reactions. Actually I only practice Five One Form & Zhang Zheng Kui Yuan Fa during my group practice on Sundays. Iguess that from now on I will just do 'la qi' or 3CM while my friends do Five One Form and join in when they start Zhang Zheng Gui Yuan Fa.

Thank you again for your advice. I am really grateful to you.

August 4, 2007
Questions Jane:
Move the Hunyuan Sword Fingers up to the nose; press and block the left nostril with the left index finger gently; press Renzhong with the right index finger; apply belly-breathing method through a single nostril. First, inhale through the right nostril and expand the belly outward; then exhale with the right index finger released from Renzhong and moved to the right nostril to where it presses; move the left index finger from the left nostril to Renzhong and press it lightly; exhale all the chi in the belly through the left nostril with the belly withdrawn naturally. Exchange the location of the index fingers as you inhale and exhale repeating the breathing cycles.

1. With the sword fingers in "left nostril covered position" and having breathe in fully... as we exhale and change sword finger position: do we exhale for a short time first before lifting the right index finger off renzhong or we do it at the same time we breathe out?

2. Next, with the sword finger in "right nostril covered position" and having breathe out until the belly is naturally withdrawn (we are about to exhale at this point): do we exhale and lift the left index finger off renzhong at the same time or do we exhale for a short eriod of time before lifting the left index finger off renzhong?

Would appreciate your clarification.


We exchange the locations of the fingers in the pause moment or between the inhaling and exhaling.

August 5, 2007
Went for my Wu yuan zhuang group practice this morning. As advised by Jane I did not do Wu yuan zhuang the others were practicing it as usual. I did 3CM instead. I joined in only when it came to Zhang zheng gui yuan fa. I do not know whether it is psychological, but 3CM feels different in the wu yuan zhuang qi field. When doing zhng zheng gui yuan fa, the feeling is different as well.... Felt very much more relaxed and the movements seems to be gliding/floating... Anyway feels really good.

After my afternoon siesta, I got up to do ZBE. Followed through 30 minutes of Master Liu's healing music followed by 1hr 20 minutes of ZBE1 and THCMM. After the initial progress which to be by leaps and bounds, my practice is more settled now. Not much new sensations. My red right eye returned again last night and today it is still around. This time it is not so 'bloody' as the first time.

Saturday online group practice
The live presenter does not seem to be working out very well for me for the second week running. The video lags behind Jane's narration and keeps re-playing from the start. It happens even after I exit and re-entered the chat room. Perhaps it is the built-in flash player in my 'Fire Fox' browser. Next week I shall try using Microsoft Internet Explorer and see if it will be any better.

Self-Cultivation:I would like to share this with everyone......

Tao Meditation: Unexpectant

Meditate with no thought of gain.
Expect no ambitions to be fulfilled.
Only then will the inner force manifest.

In the competitive world, we give expression to our ambitions, shrewdness, and aggressiveness. We must do this to survive. In the meditative world, we cannot use these attitudes. What works well on the outside will not serve us on the inside.

When we meditate, we must expect no gain. If we look for results, then those results will elude us. In contrast, if we suspend our ambitions, then the results will manifest very quickly. It may sound like absurd mysticism, but it is an undeniable, empirical truth. If you have no expectations, you will feel the divine. If you strive and have selfish desires, then you will feel only frustration.

When the mind is occupied with meditation for gain, it creates a barrier to precisely the results that you want. Spirituality is a mode that is far beyond the machinations and imaginations of the rational mind. It is created by an aspect of the mind that is not a part of everyday thought. In fact, the part of the mind that brings spirituality is very nearly antithetical to the common ways that we think. Therefore, we can only reach this type of spirituality by suspending our everyday thinking.

from the book
365 Tao
Daily Meditations
by Deng Ming-Dao

August 13, 2007
It has been quite a while since I last posted. I am still having problem with the "Live Presenter" Perhaps it is due to the speed of my broad band connection. The larger video screen for the flash player seems to have caused the audio stream to break up so much that I am uanble to receive continuous audio. I asked the question "Is Hun yuan qi a manifestation of TAO?" But never heard the answer. Hoep Jane can repeat the answer here.

During th healing melody, my flash player was going so slowly that when I finally decided to check why last Sunday's session was so long... I realized that every body had gone from the class.

Jane, I know it is not possible for me to ask you to you back to using the "camchat" software... but is it possible for you to email each week's lecture notes to me starting from the day you started using the Live presenter? I could still stay connected with the Tao field without the continuous audio stream not to mention the repititive video, but I cannot benefit from the lecture at all from so much interruptions to the audio. Hope this is not too much to ask for.

Notes on my practice
I am still deligently practicing ZBE1/THCMM/YQ; ZBE2/THCMM/YQ; ZBE3/THCMM/YQ sequence. Sensations are now very much internalized... especially during 'yang qi' after ZBE3/THCMM. Noticed that I become very keenly aware of my dantians especially the uopper dantian. It is difficult to describe.... but with each inhale and exhale during yang qi, I feel very connected to my upper dantian and I have this very pleasant sensation that I am 'floating' with each inhale and exhale of the breath. It feels so free....

In order to connect better with the Tao field, I have added the image of Master Liu and sometimes Prof. Pang during yang qi. Chanting HYLT produces strong vibration deep in my dantians... especially in the lower dantian.

August 20, 2007 - Term End report
Before I go into my term end report I would like to say that I am glad that you have decided to record the lecture and post it on the web. I am looking forward to it. This will definitely be of great help especially when the lecture is supposed to be for students world wide with varying degree of sophistication as far as internet technology is concerned.

I am tempted to do some research (read LMA, read ZBE THCMM notes on the web) before attempting to write my report… but now I think to myself: No, forget about notes and pen what ever comes to my mind. Please be kind if I am not a good student.

My personal journey into the world of ZBE/THCMM
I am actually a ‘shi fan laoshi’... one of those who stands in front and demonstrate to students during group practice. To be there one has to be diligent and be able to execute the forms correctly. The many hours of hard work that I put into my gong NOT because of the desire to be standing in front but more because of my own believe in Zhineng Qigong and love of the gong eventually attracted my instructors’ attention and their decision to put me in front of the group. Our instructors are conservative and doing anything that is not sanctioned by Pang Laoshi is definitely a NO, NO.

When you first introduced ZBE/THCMM I must admit that I have my doubts that such a simple exercise could be that effective. I did not attempt to practice ZBE/THCMM then. However, I viewed the video of Master Liu doing LCUPCD and I have no doubt that Master Liu has reached a high level. Then I noticed the exchange between yourself and Ooi Kean Hin and I was concerned about the opinion expressed by Mr. Ooi, a person who commands my respect in ZQ circle. I remember writing to you for assurance that what Master Liu has introduced will compliment rather than be antagonistic to Zhineng Qigong, a gong that I have grown to love. Your reply assured me.

Then there was also a reply by Mr. Ooi to one of the members in his forum regarding ZBE/THCMM about whether it is safe to try it. Mr. Ooi’s reply to that member was that it is similar to some breathing exercise that was introduced by Prof. Pang and he thinks it will not cause any harm to anyone to try it. But his opinion is that it should not be the main practice.

With these to assurances, I decided to try out ZBE/THCMM well before you started the online class. The first time I did it, the sensations I felt surprised me. After a few more short, uncommitted trials, I find the effects very positive. I decided then that I will continue with ZBE/THCMM as a supplementary practice to my regular ZQ. I told myself that if I experience any unpleasant side effect I would stop so that no harm would come to me. Thus begun my journey into the world of ZBE/THCMM…. This approach as you know has changed since I joined this online community....

It looks like even the short introduction has taken me much longer than I had expected. I can be pretty long winded once I get into the mood of writing... . I think I will stop now, for the moment and continue my report at some other time.

August 27, 2007
Last Saturday, August 25, 2007 I had to miss the lecture session because my internet connection was too slow.

Term end report-II
Regretfully, because of my inability to read written Chinese, I was unable to fully grasp the Hunyuan Entirety theory except for a vague understanding that all things here in this objective world of ours has its origin in hunyuan qi of the universe. Hunyuan qi of the universe is the primeval qi that existed before the formation of the polar yin and yang energy.

When hun yuan qi accumulates matter results and when it disperses matter reverts to hun yuan qi. Hunyuan qi is present in everything and also all around us. According to Pang laoshi’s hunyuan entirety theory, hun yuan qi consists of the physical form of the substance, the energy inside it as well as surrounding it and the information that is embedded in it. There are many levels of hun yuan qi and the hun yuan qi of the human being is the highest level… Everything in the world has qi and the qi of different substances are of different levels. The hun yuan qi that makes the human being is of the highest level. The qi of the human consciousness, the ‘yiyuanti’ if it is properly focused and concentrated can give the human being extraordinary capabilities such as extra sensory perceptions, ability to dissolve tumor masses, and the ability to transcend the restrictive three dimension frame of reference of our objective world of opposites.

The ultimate objective of a qi gong practitioner is to achieve the realization of our ‘True SELF’ or ‘Enlightenment’. This is actually a higher state of consciousness that transcend beyond our wordly three dimensional frame of reference wherein everything is relative. In this state of consciousness, the enlightened master is able to transcend the relativity of our objective world and experience ‘oneness’ or unity with a greater whole. In this state of consciousness, the enlightened master can experience the ‘Eternal NOW’ which has no past and no future… only now. In this state of consciousness the enlightened master can experience time as a fourth dimension…. He can travel in this time dimension and therefore it not surprising that we hear of a master being able to conduct distant healing from one end of the world to another.

Pang laoshi gave us zhineng qigong which consists of six sets of gongs that would lead us progressively from the stage of external hun yuan (Peng qi guan ding fa), to internal hunyuan (Xing shen zhuang and wu yuan zhuang), central channel hun yuan (zhong mai hun yuan), and middle line hun yuan (zhong xian hun yuan). A practitioner who has reached the middle line hun yuan is probably close to the realization of his/her “True SELF”. To date only three sets of gong has been introduced by Pang Laoshi.

Master Liu Zhang Kui
Master Liu introduced the hun yuan jianshen hu xi chao (zhineng breathing exercise) and the head circulating massage method having studied under some Himalayan masters and achieved enlightenment. The breathing exercises do not require mental visualization and mind control. It uses breathing technique to draw hun yuan qi directly into the dantians of the human body. The method from my own experience is highly effective and rapid progress is achieved within a short period of time. The emphasis is on building up the qi in our qi reservoirs or dantians, nourishing it and deep meditation to enable the practitioner to experience profundity of inner perception. Some practitioners seem to be able to sense their central channel within a short period of time. I am not quite clear what the head circulation massage technique does for the practitioner. From my own experience, running the pads my fingers over the various circuits in the head seems to be able to draw qi from the ‘yong qian’ (the aperture at the sole of the feet) right up to the head where it nourishes the brain… in particular our ‘shen’. Remembering that our ‘yiyuanti’ is the qi of our consciousness and that if properly strengthened, can lead us to a higher level of consciousness as described earlier… my own personal believe is that practitioners of Zhineng breathing technique are embarking on an exciting journey to the ultimate realization of our “True SELF”.

That said, I have to remind myself not chase after this objective as to do so would be lose focus on my practice. I would like to close by posting my favourite passge from 365 Dao by Deng Meng Dao:


Chinese character for the word "point"
eye see one day ... such a color.....

Make the mind
A single point

The key to meditation is to concentrate the mind into a single point.
There are many methods for doing this, from singing, to listening to
holy words, to contemplative procedures. But at the end result is the
same: to focus our minds sharply.

A point has a definite position in space but neither size nor shape.

A point marks an actual place in time, such as a point of departure.

A point is the very essence of something, as in the point of an idea.

A point is a coordinate for navigation.

A point is the dominant center, as in the principal point of perspective.

A point determines our outlook, as in point of view.

Once the mind is made into a single point, it takes on the above
attributes. In contrast, a mind that is not focused is dispensed over a
wide area. Its thoughts are scattered, its energies at the mercy of a
thousand influences and is easily disoriented. The result is confusion,
ignorance, unhappiness, and helplessness. A mind that is clearly
focused, however, receives all to say that its world revolves around it.
It is no longer has to chase after all that appears before it.

There you are…. In my own words…. My understanding of Zhineng Qigong. My sincere invitation to all my friends, especially Jane… to point out any misconception that I may have…. For I am fully aware of my limitation, being unable to read written Chinese.

Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

September 3, 2007
I have not posted on my progress for quite a while because not much has happened that is worth mentioning. I had earlier on reported about emotional disturbances that affected me and, Jane has recommended stopping Wu yuan zhuang and only do Zhang zhen gui yuan fa instead during my group practice.

I have been doing this for three weeks in succession - doing 3CM while the others were practicing their wu yuan zhuang. Of particular interest is something that involved my own "signature". Initially I was not sure that it is related to my qi gong practice but now I am certain that it is related. I shall explain shortly....

After starting on a combination of Wu yuan zhuang and ZBE/THCMM I began to experience emotional ups and downs for no apparent reason. I was unable to sign my name properly and find difficulty in controlling my usual natural pen strokes when signing my name. It resulted in one of the company cheques issued being rejected by our bank which was embarassing. With that rejection, signing cheques became a night mare to me. It would take me at least two days to complete my cheques signing because each time I have a cheque in front of me, I would feel extreme anxiety to the extent that I need to stop and try to compose myself before I could continue. I began to suspect that it has something to do with my qi gong practice and that was when I wrote to you asking for ways to control these emotions.

After stopping wu yuan zhuang for a two weeks and oing only Zhang zhen gui yuan fa, I am glad to report that I am now back to my normal self. No extreme swing of moods and emotions.

I do not know if you will believe me or not... I think the organ qi that were playing havoc inside me actually were able to manifest itself on other people I am close to. Looking back now I realise that my wife has been able to receive the qi and she was just in as disturbed and phase as I was in during those trying times.

My China instructor, Zhang Zhong Ming laoshi (do you know him?) told me that it is a reaction as a result of practicing wu yuan zhuang and he encouraged me to carry on with it as it is actually an indication that I have got my practice right. According to him some people would see different colours of light as a reaction but to experience spontaneous emotional reactions indicates better progress... what do you think? However when I told him about my "signature" problem he agreed that I should stop for a while. Anyway, I am glad that I have managed to solve my problem and intend to go with your prescription of only doing zhang zhen gui yuan fa.

Could it be due to incorrect practice of wu yuan zhuang that caused my organ qi disharmony?

Yes, your qi field will affect your family members in a subtle way.

My suggestion? Abandon Wu Yuan Zhuang completely and forever. ZBE + THCMM + Yang Chi is good enough to cultivate your five vital organs with the help of Zang Zhen Gui Yuan Fa. Prof. Pang pointed it out the defects of previous ZQ forms in his late speeches in 2000. Wu Yuan Zhuang did not prove successful because the practitioners started to practise it before they were far ready.

There are two causes for the reactions:

1. You are not ready for it yet.
2. It's too aggressive for ordinary practitioners.

September 4, 2007
Lately I have increased my practice time for ZBE/THCMM to 2 hrs and 45 minutes. Try to do it in one session but if I am not able to I will split it up to one session of ZBE1/THCMM/YQ and ZBE2/THCMM/YQ and a later session of ZBE3/THCMM/YQ.

There are some changes inside my body.... During ZBE1 on inhaling and exhaling I tend to take very much slower and longer breaths and experience a very distinct feeling in the expansion and contraction of the stomach right up to my chest. (Can also feel mingmen being pushed back at the same time). However, there seems to be a 'lag' in response between my natural breathingdantian breathing. I need to explain why I used two terms for the breathing:

On inhaling, I can feel air going into my lungs followed (a short time lag) by my stomach which expands very slowly until it feels very 'taut' and 'bloated'. Then my involuntary muscles compels me to release the air (exhale) but at the point of change-over from inhale to exhale... my lower dantian seems to want to continue expanding.

Likewise on exhaling, the air from my lungs comes out faster than the very slow 'closing-in' of my lower dantian and at the point of changer-over to exhale, again the dantian want to continue 'closing-in' while my involuntary muscles has reached the point of having to release the air.

The above tend to make my breathing somewhat uneven during yang qi.

Is there anything wrong here?

Another observation
Nowadays, even when I am going about my normal activites, I will find myself spontaneously going into the above described mode of breathing. I can also feel very strong movement of qi inside. It rises from the lower dantian right up to my upper dantian. The qi movement can be so strong as to cause a slow undulating movement of my spine (I can distinctly feel it) and it moves right up to my 'baihui' before descending somewhere in my nose region. As qi turns and descend down to upper dantian to nose region, I can feel my head being pulled up by the 'baihui' and my chin automatically tucked in. These qi movements feels feels weird but comfortable.

Do not pay attention to your lungs, just focus on your lower dantian. Let the lungs react naturally.

The second observation is a good sign of progress. Chi starts to be naughty. Just collect it into your lower dantian.

September 11, 2007
In my earlier posting on September 4, I mentioned about a 'lag' in my breathing... I was wondering why I am experiencing this. I think I have found the answer: Last Saturday while I was waiting for my son to finish class at his school... sitting on a garden bench I went into one of my spontaneous belly breathing mode and felt very relaxed as qi pulls me up by 'bai hui'... I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment and before I know it I was totally absorbed into myself.

One of the greatest gift that ZBE has given me is the keen ability to look within myself (nei shi)... I noticed the slight 'lag' in my breathing coming again: lower dantian wanting to continue expanding while somewhere further up I felt discomfort and had to exhale. This result in my lower dantian having to collapse inward before being able to extend to its fullest. Not to be distracted, I quietly observed my lower dantian and eventually was able to follow my intake of qi as I inhale: I noticed that as I inhale, qi goes into , my lower dantian causing my belly to expand outward followed by mingmen which pushes backward. At the same time the void inside extends upward towards my middle dantian and continue upwards... That was when the feeling of discomfort starts... Still quietly observing I slowly realised that the discomfort arises because I had not relaxed my neck musle casuing qi to be choked as it attempts to go up to my upper dantian.

I relaxed my neck and immediately felt a release: a void is created as qi rises up into my neck and continue into my upper dantian. My breathing becomes very even, smooth and I felt very comfortable and happy that I have located my problem...... Since then doing ZBE feels completely different: Inhaling: I can feel the void very slowly filling up starting from my lower dantian... to middle dantian... to my neck.. and up to my upper dantian. My body is so relaxed that my spine undulates in a slithering 'snake like' movement with each inhale and exhale during yang qi.

When I add 'hun yuan ling tong' I could 'feel/hear' the sound and vibration coming from the void inside me. It is such a peaceful and beautiful feeling.

September 22, 2007
In my one of my previous postings I wrote:

August 20, 2007 - Term End report
Before I go into my term end report I would like to say that I am glad that you have decided to record the lecture and post it on the web. I am looking forward to it. This will definitely be of great help especially when the lecture is supposed to be for students world wide with varying degree of sophistication as far as internet technology is concerned.

I just learned that being a basic member I cannot access the recorded lectures.
But I take comfort that the TAO is accessible to all... no matter where we are, who we are, rich or poor...