Friday, May 04, 2007

My fellow TAO traveller

I just came back from lunch and decided to post this email which I wrote to a friend I made in a Zen-Taoism group:

Dear Ahmes,
Thank you for all the kind words about me. I embarked on my spiritual journey not long ago... and it started when I took up 'qi gong' for general health reason. After three years into qi gong, I not only achieved good health but I found something more. Qi gong has taught me to 'look inward' into myself and I begin to become more receptive to things and people around me. Thus begin the most rewarding journey of my life.

I take having power over my life as being able to accept the path I am travelling. We may come across obstacles that we would like to avoid so we take the necessary action to avoid it if we can. But if we cannot, we accept it, forget the discomfort, and flow along until time is right for us to change direction (action in the correct time).

Living in accordance to TAO also means I do my part as a husband to my wife who not only has to work in the office but also take care of the entire house hold. I now try to help her and I can see the true appreciation she feels when I do that.

In the office I find that I am able to relate better to my colleagues. I find myself able to relate myself to my subbordinates as friends and it is rewarding to see them willingly carry out their duties and without grudge because they feel they are working for a friend....

To read books certainly helps. I have a collection of Tao Te Jing from various authors and I find it useful to read different translation to get a better grasp of the subject. But understanding what is written is not enough. One must experience it. And to experience the profundity of the Tao Te Jing we have to go beyond the words written. After reading, reflect on it quietly... if you meditate... meditate on it. With constant practice you will realise that deep insights just comes to you spontaneously. Somethimes it comes when you least expected it. The religiously inclined would call this divine inspiration. To me I am in touch with my true SELF at those precious moments.

A student of TAO goes in and out of TAO until one day he is able to stay constantly in touch and find true union with the world. This I can imagine would be a joyful experience where one be able to see beyond the duality of the objective world. That is the state of the 'achieved one'.

Thank you for writing directly to me. It is great to share with my fellow TAO traveller.


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