Friday, October 12, 2007

Being mindful of applying of our conceptual relativism to TAO

October 11, 2007
Hi Dawn,

Please allow me to quote you:

Thank you for the quote Kian Tee, it is a much more lyrical statement than I usually say to myself as part of the qi field. I disagree, though, that our mother Earth does not mind being cheapened by pollution. I think she cries and bears it, as abuse from her unconscious children. May we all wake up and begin to love and care for our Mother. I remember how shocked I was one visit with my aging Mom when I realized that the tide had turned in our relationship and I was going to become the caretaker rather than being primarily nourished by my Mom (who made me food, and washed my clothes and in general took care of me like a child when I came to visit as an adult) It was the beginning of a more wholesome and rewarding relationship! Dawn

I understand and share your concern about the damage being done to mother earth. Heaven and Earth are manifestations of TAO and therefore embraces all without judgement. Whatever we observe here in realm of this objective world are born out of our mind....

Therefore if we observe in stillness.... in stillness we do not pass judgement... in stillness we can develop sincerity and therefore spiritual constancy, with spiritual constancy we approach the state of "Wu Wei".

Change subject:
Da Bei Zhou: Words of power. This mantra carries power to heal... Here's the link to Da Bei Zhou if you are interested...

Hun Yuan Ling Tong,
Kian Tee

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