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October 3, 2007
While not consistently posting, my practice... happily has been consistent. Doing ZBE produces very profound sensation of slow opening and closing of the body. My breathing during yang qi has dropped to between 4 to 5 breaths a minute.


The Height of Heaven, the Thickness of Earth
The body of heaven is extremely high. Open, round, immeasurable, it is boundlessly vast. Covering everything, containing everything, it produces myriad beings without presuming on its virtue, it bestows blessings on myriad beings without expectation of reward.

The earth is thick. Lowly, below all else, it bears everything and nurtures all beings. It bears the weight of mountains, endures even the erosive force of great waters. It tolerates being pierced by plants and trees, and it submits to the treads of birds and beasts. It does not mind being cheapened by pollution.

What I realize as I observe this is the Tao of emulating heaven and earth. If people can be open minded and magnanimous, be receptive to all, take pity on the old and poor, assist those in peril and rescue those in trouble, give of themselves without seeking reward, never bear grudges, look upon others and self impartially, and realize all as one, then people can be companions of heaven.

If people can be flexible and yielding, humble, with self-control, entirely free of agitation, cleared of all volatility, not angered by criticism, ignoring insult, docilely accepting all hardships, illnesses, and natural disasters, utterly without anxiety or resentment when faced with danger or adversity, then people can be companions of earth.

With the nobility of heaven and the humility of earth, one joins in with the attributes of heaven and earth and extends to eternity with them.

by Liu I-Ming
translation by Thomas cleary.

Hope you guys like this...

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