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Barry, a fellow Zhineng Qigong practitioner had an amazing experience while driving when he got hit by what turned out to be a steel hook from an oncoming truck... The rest of the story is best told in his own words:

This for Felix and refers to an incident that happened a few years ago:
An Example of Spontaneous Healing
I was driving along a country road on a super hot summer day. The window was open and my arm rested on the door, with my hand just under the mirror. The car was going approximately 80 or 90kmph. when I saw an oncoming vehicle, a tow truck, to be exact. He appeared to be doing the same speed more or less. It appeared no more important than the farmer's fields and rolling country side.

In the instant just before we passed each other, something on the left side of the truck caught my eye- a black shape whipping back and forth in the wind. There was a nano second between realizing what it was- a black elastic bungee cord, (the kind with a metal "s" hook used as a tie down) and the intense pain from my index finger. The metal hook had struck my finger at a combined speed of approx. 160 to 180kmph! In mph., that's a minimum of 100.

At that point, I was in too much pain to realize that although I had lost a chunk of flesh, it could have been much, much worse- my entire finger could have been torn off.

I started to apply chi immediately. to the 1/8" hole in my finger. Within a few minutes, the pain subsided. The bleeding stopped shortly thereafter. For the remainder of the drive home,about 45 minutes, I continued applying chi . The sensation of healing energy was very strong but varied in intensity because my concentration was split between that and driving.

Since the pain had stopped, I didn't really bother to look at my finger after the first 10 minutes or so. All that I've written to this point, is pretty amazing, but I've experienced it before.

Here's the part that's new: When I arrived home, stopped the engine and got out of my car, two things became very apparent.

1. There was a 10" long scratch in the paint on my door, just below the mirror where my hand had been resting.

2. The injury had completely disappeared. Nothing, Rien, Nada. No scab, no sign of new skin, nothing! As far as any observer could ascertain, there had never been an injury there in the first place.

I have several other examples to share if there is anyone interested that to me is even incredible. They are interventions by my first teacher, Master Liu Yuan Ming


On my request he has graciously agree to share the following story with us:

Hi Kian Tee,
The amazement that Felix and Sara expressed 9/29 about my spontaneous healing event has been a feeling that I've had many, many time throughout my years of practice. Let me describe an incident with my first teacher quite a few years ago now. The inspiration comes from Felix's comment :

" Unimaginable! This is not magic, but miracle! "

I used to practice with Master Liu inside his home during the winter. We both looked forward eagerly to returning outside to a hill nearby , as soon as possible. Generally, that was in March. The ground was still frozen but most of the snow had already melted. Of Course, it was always at sunrise and we faced the east. My position was always behind him. He "drove" and I followed.

This one morning was no different from other times: wool hat, good gloves, frosty breath lingering on the still air. The ground at our particular spot consisted partly of frozen mud and the balance was ice from puddles that had refrozen from the sub zero (celcius) temperatures overnight.

During the 20 minutes or so we took to do chapter one (LCUPCD), the sun rose, cold and weak on the horizon. As usual, to prepare for chpt 2. (Union of the Three Hearts) , we spread our feet apart to the proper position..
Nothing unusual, or so I thought, until I was distracted by the sun reflecting off the melted water between my teacher's feet. To be precise, the puddle was the exact outline of his feet.

Being a junior scientist, I noted the phenomenon and came up with a hypothesis; Conduction of heat through the bottom of his boots, combined with 20 minutes of not moving. Obvious explanation, right?
What do junior scientists do? They test the hypothesis.: If he melted the ice under his boots, then I must have done the same. Nope! Where my feet had been was still ice -cold and hard. Conclusion; Abandon hypothesis.
The same thing happened at the end of chpt. 2 : The sun, a little brighter this time, reflected off two new puddles, same shape and size. They were hard to miss because his feet were size 13 . Junior scientist examined the ground around him again and there was only ice. Whoops!
Throughout the remaining hour that we practiced the other 3 chapters, he produced a rectangle of mud and water , approximately 36 inches by size 13. Where the junior scientist had stood, pure ice and frozen ground- No change at all. Very humbling, indeed! I could hardly contain myself, the awe was so over powering. By everything that I knew to be true, everything I had learned in any physical science course- THIS WAS IMPOSSIBLE! Shit la merde! (as we say in Quebec)

It was all I could do to contain myself not to interrupt until after we concluded . At the appropriate moment, I pointed out the two spots- his and mine; mud and water, versus ice and frozen ground.

He shrugged his shoulders in a dismissive way and then laughed..
His answer:
" Its only Chi"

Its just energy and its available to anyone. Nothing special! Why? Because this ability as well as many others, is available to everyone- Just practice and be compassionate and giving and humble. Then you can do this or something similar because this becomes a part of you. And then eventually you can turn around to someone else and say -"Its only Chi."
The amazement stage serves as one of the many rewards and guides to practice further. But he always cautioned me that these phenomenon are NOT the goal. As he often said to me, these things come and then they go; like clouds in the sky and that's the natural evolution of things. Don't try to hang onto anything- visions, sensations, powers, etc.

So, Felix, I hope that explains a little why its neither magic nor miracle.

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