Monday, January 28, 2008


January 28, 2008
I am on leave from work today. Stayed in bed a little longer than usual before getting up to do my gong. Still practicing zhi tui zuo to loosen my waist. After talking with my teacher about zhi tui zuo and about the feeling of qi pressure in the head, he adviced me to skip certain routines in the zhi tui zuo as they bring more qi up into the head which I do not need.
That was what I did this morning - skipped the unnecessary routines. After zhi tui zhuo, I did dantian meditation in crossed legged posture. When focusing on lower dantian I used the mudra of "holding qi ball" at navel level. When I remembered, I draw in hui yin and immediately felt qi rise up and soothe away the tense feeling in my chest and shoulders. Felt very relaxed thereafter and could focus deep within. After 20 minutes switched to focus on middle dantian with HYLT mudra at MDT. During meditation at middle dantian I started to feel qi trying to clear blockages in my pelvis (kua) - an increasingly aching sensation slowly building up. This later extended down to my legs. It was getting rather uncomfortable and I had to muster my mental strength to sit through another 20 minutes bearing with the discomfort while focusing into middle dantian at the same time. Realized that doing yang qi in crossed legged posture is much more effective and challenging. After a short rest to allow the numbness in my legs to go away I did wall squats for the next 20 minutes before ending practice and now settling down to write my journal.

I thought about Axel's suggestion of a spiritual family to keep the group together and Jane's response. I believe he meant well.... Grand father, grand mother, uncles, aunts, husbands, wives, sons, daughters, etc are what bind family members together. However in the face of TAO I am reminded of the need to balance what is truly spiritual binding and our illusion of a bond through familial relationship, spiritual or otherwise...

When we look within and find TAO do we still need a conceptual spiritual family to keep us together?

Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

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