Sunday, January 13, 2008

January 13, 2008
Great class yesterday. Indeed I could feel the tao field more than when I am practicing alone. Admittedly I am a "rare student" as noted by Jane during class yesterday. Actually I would love to attend class on every Saturday but I have to balance my life between my on spiritual path and my family who are not travelling on the same path with me at the moment. I had mentioned that at times my wife said that I am married to qi gong and not to her.

Since walking the path of inner contemplation I am glad to share with the class that it has made me into a more sensitive person. Sensitive especially to the feelings of others and feeling compassion for the emotions (true or untrue) that afflicts them. Therefore a comment like I am married to qi gong and not to my wife carries a great deal of significance for me as far as my wife is concerned. Hence I cannot continue in my own selfish pursuit however noble it may be. Therefore my rare appearance in class .

Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian tee

p/s I am still monitoring my blood pressure and am glad to report that it is still normal. Feeling less pressure in the head now or perhaps getting used to it. Holding the mudra during meditation for long periods of time has given me a sore right shoulder and pain in certain spot when I lift my right arm. I believe that the mudra has opened up some meridians and qi is trying yo clear the blockage. Am I right Jane?

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