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1. The qi of human
1.1. Congenital qi
Congenital qi is derived from the essence of ovum and spermatozoon. Reaction of the two congenital qi’s and its subsequent gathering and condensation results in the formation of the zygote and eventually the foetus.

1.2. Xian tian qi (before heaven qi)
The foetus takes nourishment from the mother through the umbilical cord. The essence (jing) from the mother to the foetus through the umbilical cord transforms into qi which reacts with the congenital qi of the foetus to form “xian tian qi” or foetus qi.

1.3. Yuan qi
After birth, the xian tian qi is stored in the kidneys as “yuan jing” or original essence. Throughout the life of the human, yuan jing is progressively converted into qi (more specifically, "yuan qi" or original qi) and released into the lower “dan tian” (located slightly below the navel).

1.4. Chen qi or Hou tian qi (after heaven qi)
The baby starts to take in air through his nose and food through his mouth and subsequent life processes which takes place in the relevant organs results in the formation of “chen qi” or “hou tian qi” (or post natal qi). This hou tian qi is stored in the middle dan tian which is located at the solar plexus.

1.5. Dispersal of yuan qi and chen qi
Yuan qi from the lower dan tian and chen qi from the middle dan tian are released into the “ren mai” and “du mai” (the conception and governing vessel) where they are blended to become one and then distributed throughout the entire body to sustain the life of the human.

1.6. Wei qi or guardian qi
Wei qi is a layer of qi that covers the skin and even extends beyond the body. It forms a shield protecting the body against outside influences such as cold and pathogens.

The entire qi system of the human body forms the human "qi body". An andvanced qigong practitioner would be become aware of this qi body as a feeling of the entire body "moving/feeling like water."

2. The human body or form
The human body or form is just simply the physical body of the human, it’s shape, and appearance.

3. The messages encoded in the human
Messages encoded into the human genes determine the physical as well as mental and even health characteristics of the human.

From the Hun Yuan Qi principle of zhineng qigong, the qi of human (human qi body), the body and the messages encoded in the genes of the human form the human hun yuan qi.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dealing with emotional reactions

Advice by Jane Jin:

It's normal since your organic chi has been activated. Please apply the following tips in dealing with your emotional reactions:

i. Heart – joy (think of the nose tip to nourish the spleen)
ii. Liver – anger (think of a smiling face to nourish the heart)
iii. Lungs – sadness (pretend to be in a fearful mode and make the chi go to kidneys)
iv. Spleen – worries and too much thinking (tap Baihui and think of the blue sky and white clouds)
v. Kidneys – fear (think of a green colour in the back of the head)

Life is more abundant!
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Monday, February 04, 2008

New Practice Center: February 04, 2008

On February 4, 2008 I found a new practice center which is nearer my home. It is located at a community center near the market. The center as I found out yesterday is run by my ex-teacher at the old center (the one I am currently practicing at). It was established in September 2007 which means most of the students are new... only a few months with the exception of one or two more experienced ones. I had my first session at the new center and found that despite the place being comprised of students with not much experience in zhineng qi gong, the qi field feels strong and 'soothing'. Makes me wonder why.....
I have made up my mind to make this one of my new practice center. I shall leave the decision of whether to stop going to the old practice center to a later time. With this additional center I will have group practice sessions on Wednesday, Sunday at the old center and Thursday and Sunday at the new center. Both centers practice at 8pm to 10pm which means the Sundays for the two centers clashes.

Change subject:
引用第824楼felix.h于2008-02-03 01:50发表的 :You said it takes 40mn to completely activate true qi to do the job in BMF N°6. I assume that 40mn must be continuous and not in several times, isn't it?Does it mean it also takes that time to activate true qi in other forms? For example in ZBEs? That's why we need to practice for 3 hours continuously to have more effects? If I don't have enough time, let's say only 1h, is it better to do "only 1 ZBE for 40mn + 1 THCMM + 20mn's YC" or to do "10mn for each of the 3 ZBEs + THCMM + YC"?.......

Yes, it should be done continuously.Not exactly. The rule is that our human body have resistance barriers against the charging of true chi. No matter what forms you perform, cross-leg meditation or other forms, the first pass or barrier is around 45 minutes, after you pass it, you can extend the duration to 1.5 hours, after you pass this one, it would be two hours , if you can do some form none stop for three hours, almost no pains or numbness would bother you because almost all the blockages have been cleared. It should be practiced gradually, increase the duration minute by minute to avoid any harm to the body.If you have only one hour, you have many options, you can do 30 min. ZBE (1), or (2) or (3), or 10 min of each of ZBE. 10 min THCMM, 20 min. Yang Chi, It's totally up to you. You know yourself better than others.
February 05, 2008