Friday, May 09, 2008


It feels kind of lonely out here....

Being out here alone made me realize that one year has passed by since I joined the class and it feels kind of lonely...... I would like to share this piece on TAO which is taken from a book by Deng Meng-Dao:
In the beginning was Nothingness. Out of Nothingness came a random thought. A thought that generated infinite RIPPLES within the stillness. Movement gave rise to qi, vital breath. Breath congealed into the five elements: water, metal, fire, wood, & earth symbolic of matter. Then this chaos became organized by yin and yang. Breathing knew inhalation and exhalation, the universe was ordered according to duality; for only in the interaction and tension between polar opposites could movement and evolution arise. The interaction of all these things finally brought forth gods, humanity, and all myriad phenomena. That first thought was like a stone dropping into a pristinely still pond. All that came after may be called TAO. TAO is therefore not that which is totally irreducible, for only Nothingness qualifies for that definition. TAO is only a shade away from Nothingness....
Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

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