Friday, May 09, 2008

May 9, 2008

Hi Dawn, Blythe,
Nice of you guys to pay me a visit. Don't feel so lonely anymore....
I think the "first thought" is a manifestation of TAO. For that matter everything that happens after the first thought has TAO in it. TAO is everywhere but ... because of its metaphysical nature we can never perceive TAO with our physical senses.I post this because because I realized the connection between the scientific fact of an "electric current being generated when a conductor is moved through a magnetic field" and the "infinite ripples generating qi in the presence of... TAO (field)?"We note also that out of "Nothingness" came a "first thought" Can Nothingness think? It can only mean that nothingness is not really nothingness but is also something. In our realm A is A and B is B but in the realm of spirituality A & B are two sides of the same coin. TAO is both being and non-being.I wonder in my lifetime if I will ever be able to expereince this unified state of "being and non-being" Work hard my fellow qigongers... work hard!
My husband can understand and share ideas and experiences about many things - being present, letting go, being in the moment, quieting teh monkey mind, the transience and greateer reality of some experiences like those that occur during qigong...but then I try to explain physically expanding to infinity/the Void within, and there is utter incomprehension, and even incomprehension of the fact that he's not comprehending what I am saying.- Blythe
Blythe, I know what you mean. We fail everytime we try to use our limited system of language and symbols to explain something beyond this dimension...Even if we understand... it is only a knowledge and being knowledge, it is only a pointer to the door and until we manage to open this door (the mysterious pass?) and enter it our knowledge will never be complete...
Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

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