Sunday, May 11, 2008


Kian Tee,
thank you so much for staying with us, I so much appreciate and learn from your entires!!!We can learn all we want from books, and even lectures. It is for us to truly be one with these concepts which are beyond words!!
May 11, 2008
Thanks Fay.
The destiny of humanity is an endless march from ignorance to enlightenment and if we recognize this it is natural for us to share and help one another in this quest...Like Blythe who is faced with her husband's "incomprehension" I have my kids tell me: "Dad... why don't you go and stay in a monastery..." when I speak about TAO and spirituality.I blog to pen down my thoughts and I am "attached" to this forum... where I can share/exchange with my fellow travelers.
Hun yuan ling tong!
Kian Tee

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