Tuesday, January 20, 2009


In another six days from today (January 26, 2009) we move into the year of the OX. Six years as a practitioner and I do not think that I will ever stop practicing zhineng qi gong. It has become a part of my life.

I have always wanted to write about my personal experience but each time I make an attempt I failed to get the flow of thoughts going. I now know why... Zhineng qigong is not just an exercise to keep you healthy. It is a...

Spiritual cultivation...
Level 1 - Pengqi guandingfa trains my mind to be still. In that stillness comes an awareness of an inner self. A self that is so peaceful and tranquil. It is a state of consciousness that is best expressed in verse 3 of the eight verses that practitioners use to bring them into the qigong state:

内静外静, 心澄貌恭 (nei jing wai jing, xin cheng maogong)

Translated verse 3 literally means: "quiet internally quiet externally, mind clear and respectful."

Six years of deligent practice has brought a profound state of relaxation into my being that when I recite verse 3 I can see myself very much like the image of Buddha in a tranquil state of meditation. And the feeling of tranquility and respect is so:


Being able to enter into this profound state of relaxation must be the goal of any serious practitioner of zhineng qigong or any qigong practitioner, otherwise the practitioner will not experience his spiritual inner self.