Thursday, February 19, 2009

The experience of profound relaxation

In an earlier post I wrote about the profound relaxation brought about by zhineng qigong. It will be difficult but I am going to attempt to describe this state of profound relaxation as objectively as possible...

As a long time practitioner it is easy for me to will myself to relax. But there is a difference between an ordinary person's relax and a qi gong practitioner's relax. a qi gong's practitioner's relax is a whole body experience: Having cleared or largely cleared his meridians and channels the practitioner at relaxation feels a "oneness" thorughout his body. First, he feels the sensation of being inside his own body. Next he will notice that any movement no matter how small e.g. a slight twitch of his little finger will be felt deep inside and in my own case the movement is felt deep in my upper 'dantian' or upper energy centre. At this stage of relaxation the practitioner begins to feel his entire body swaying while at the same time his feet seems deeply rooted into the ground. When deep relaxation is complete even a 'thought' can mobilize his qi to move strongly in response to this thought. For example in my own experience, if I think 'bai hui shng ling, xia ke nei shou' or 'lift up bai hui, tuck in chin' I will immediately feel my qi literally causing this physical movement to happen. This movement is brought about in sequence by:

1)My mind intent (yishi) 2)My qi which is mobilized by my mind intent 3)My body moves as commanded by my qi

My qi gong teacher always reminded us to think that we are standing on qi, surrounded by qi in all directions... I realize that when I feel that I am inside my body, I am actually experiencing qi all around me.

At such a deep qi gong state, practicing level 1, "peng qi guan ding fa" is almost effortless and I feel every movement is guided by qi...

If entering the profound state of relaxation can bring about what I described above... what will the experience of "tian-ren he yi" (unity of heaven and man) be like? I wonder...

Now I know why I cannot stop zhineng qi gong. ;)