Friday, October 02, 2009

Integrating Zhineng qigong into our daily lives

I posted this in a zhineng qigong forum:

Practitioners in the beginning practice mainly at the level of "form" meaning it is closer to normal physical exercise. A diligent practitioner would soon find the connection between "mind", "qi", and "form".Speaking from my own experience, you would know that you have arrive at this stage if during practice you find that when you execute a movement, e.g. push and pull in peng qi, you find that your mind is connected to your "qi" and not your body. A mind that is connected to qi means being able to execute the movement effortlessly.When one is able to execute the movement effortlessly, the body becomes very relaxed. You feel that your physical movement is guided by qi and you hardly need to use your muscles. At the same time you are aware that your mind is fully in control: That means, while surrendering control of your body to qi; you are, at the same time aware that all the moves are the result of your mind intent (yi) and that if you wish to stop you will be able to stop.

Integrating ZQ into our life means:
- Maintaining the same peaceful mind even when we are not practicing ZQ.
- Maintaining the sense of "full control" over our mind (even when we are not practicing ZQ) as we are able to use "yi" control our "qi" and "body" during a ZQ session.
- Being in control of our mind means less stress from a restless, wandering mind which can cause our vital qi to disperse.
- And last but certainly not the least important, be aware that our mind directs qi and therefore maintaining and peaceful and focused mind means being able to hold a strong "qi field" around us throughout the day! It is like we are doing "yang qi" (nourishing qi) all the time.

Hope that helps.
Hunyuan lingtong!
Kian Tee