Thursday, January 21, 2010

"Chou shen yi jia" - Unity of Body-Mind-Qi

I have a teacher who constantly reminded us of the need to achieve what he calls "chou sheng yi jia" or translated literally: "whole body one family". The whole body becomes one when we experience our entire being becomes "fluid". All movements are experienced as "flowing motion" connected to upper yin tang. Not only is our movements flowing, our arms and body "floats" or are supported by a dense medium of qi. Our qong can be executed effortlessly in this state of consciousness.

When we have achieved "Body, Mind, & Qi Unity",(In our normal state we do not feel such body mind connection) breathing feels more wholesome - as if we are breathing throughout the whole body.

I have been concentrating a lot of my work (more than a year now!) on loosening my lower back and has made a fair bit of progress. But unfortunately not enough to enable me to bring my face to touch my knee when doing "fu sheng gong yao". In my own experience loosening of the lower back is the most challenging gong to work on and requires a lot of patience.

Although it is difficult to achieve, serious work on loosening lower back brings many rewards. The first is the sensation of oneness of the body and mind I described above. Secondly, I can sense that my lower body gets stronger by the day and my feet feels more firmly planted on the ground than ever. Some of my teachers used to command us to use our "yong chuan" to "chu qi" (use the acu-point on our feet to breathe) and I had not been able to make much sense out of this instruction until now: With my feet feeling so firmly planted flat against the ground, a slight flexing of the toes can transmit a feeling of suction right up my dantian! More reward: I can execute "Tan Tui Zhiao Zhu Miao Tai Ji" (posture no. 9 of xing shen zhuang) with my eyes closed (isn't that wonderful?).

The journey of self discovery continues...

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