Thursday, July 15, 2010


July 15, 2010: Today I experienced what I thought to be a new level of qi awareness during my practice of peng qi guan ding fa. I want to write down this new experience before it fades into obscurity in my memory...

The experience of what my teacher, Liang laoshi termed as "zhou sheng yi jia" (experience of oneness of body), feels distinctly different. The slightest movement is felt throughout the body especially strong in the upper dantian. When executing push/pull the movement is very strongly connected to the hunyuan chiao, which is a moving energy centre. The connection can be felt from the navel right up to upper dantian depending on where my yishi (mind) is focused. What Ihave just described are felt during other normal practices but this time it is much more 'profound'.

The breath during this session is something that stands out. Previously I tend to breathe in during pull and breathe out during push but today, the level of relaxation felt allows me to breathe naturally without losing the deep feeling of oneness of body. This level of relaxation gave rise to a very keen awareness of even the slightest tension of a muscle that arises in my arm near the shoulder region and I can focus my mind to relax it before it causes me to lose focus on my fluid motion. For the first time I experience my body responding (opening and closing) with each breath that I take and the feeling of freedom from worldly constraints is indescribable...

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