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Professor Pang He Ming

I found a new zhineng qigong website. Below is an article on Pang He Ming laoshi which is somewhat different from the others:

Introduction to founder of ZhiNeng QiGong

Ming Pang

Pang He Ming [庞鹤鸣], also known as Pang Ming [庞明], is the founder of ZhiNeng QiGong Science and HuaXia ZhiNeng QiGong Centre. Pang [庞] means very large in size or enormous. He [鹤] means Crane and Ming [鸣] means a sound that a crane makes when the crane is flying. This name was given by his grandmother when he was born. The name ----Pang Ming was given by himself when he was successful in practicing QiGong. This Ming [明] means very clear. When practicing at a very high level, you can become clear to see everything in the universe just like a multi-dimensional mirror which can reflect everything.

Pang He Ming was born in 1940 in the DingXing county of He Bei province in China. In his childhood, he was influenced and nurtured in the ways of traditional QiGong, martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in his hometown and received much of his information from advanced practitioners of older generations.

In 1958 he graduated from Beijing Medical Specialty School. in Western Medicine and worked as a doctor in Beijing. At this time, he began to learn Martial arts and QiGong from a total of nineteen different masters. He was given high level instruction by each of these masters, receiving information normally reserved only for future lineage holders. Meanwhile, he learned Traditional Chinese Medicine and became a doctor of great fame and proficiency.

In his late thirties he was selected to be the youngest of sixty-three representatives to attend the first Chinese and Western Medicine National Conference in Beijing. He subsequently attended this high level professional meeting multiple times.

He practiced QiGong and researched thoroughly the disciplines of Eastern and Western philosophies, the modern sciences and psychology. He used QiGong to treat his patients and gradually developed more ability to use his mind exclusively to cure different types of illnesses.

One day in June of 1976, on the way to a patient’s home, he suddenly had the idea of giving up his career of being a doctor in the field of medicine. At this point he decided to work exclusively in the field of QiGong and began to create the theory of HunYuan Qi.

In 1979, along with some other practitioners and researchers of QiGong, Professor Pang formed the Beijing QiGong Research Society in Beijing. In the spring of 1981 he formally introduced ZhiNeng QiGong to the public. Since then he has been teaching ZhiNeng QiGong all over China and his teachings extend throughout the world.

[In 1988, he founded The HeBei ZhiNeng QiGong College in ShiJiaZhuang, which was later moved to QinHuangDao and renamed as HuaXia ZhiNeng QiGong Training Center. As the student population grew, Professor Pang founded HuaXia ZhiNeng QiGong Healing Centre in Tang Shan. ZhiNeng QiGong has reached more than 3.87 million people through formal training programs.

Professor Pang has written many books regarding ZhiNeng QiGong Science and has published in many research journals. In the Training Centre he held six national research conferences of ZhiNeng QiGong Science. There were a large number of research papers submitted to Professor Pang concerning the effects of ZhiNeng QiGong. These papers were received from research scientists in the fields of medicine, agriculture, industry, education, forestry, animal science, and fishery and were reviewed during these conferences.

Professor Pang is the first scholar who raised traditional QiGong to the level of QiGong Science. He discovered the special and powerful capability of Qi Field (so called “Chang [场]”).

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