Thursday, June 16, 2011

Deep into my being - 1

Last night I had this experience which I would like to share:

I had stomach cramps and felt rather uncomfortable. I decided to do ‘ro-fu’ (abdominal massage) to obtain relief. After about half an hour I felt my entire being churning in tandem with my circulating palms. The physical discomforts have receded and the experience of oneness of body takes over… Wonderful instant relief from Pang Laoshi’s zhineng qigong! This is the first time that I had really do the abdominal massage for such a long time.

The feeling of oneness of body however felt superficial in the sense that it is a bodily sensation although I am keenly aware of the qi dimension of my physical body at this point in time. I instinctively felt that I could go further if I carry out the ‘ling(1)-ling(2)’ mantra taught by Pang Laoshi. This mantra is supposedly able to help us ‘feel’ our ‘hunyuan qiao’ (the qi reservoir where organ qi and bodily qi blends). Those who are on the third level of zhineng qigong would know what I mean. Bringing my palms to chest level and clasping my palms in the ‘hunyuan palm mudra’ I began chanting quietly and as deeply as I could: ling(1)-ling(2), ling(1)-ling(2). The first ling is pronounced in the first tone while the second ling is pronounced in the second tone. Those who are familiar with the pin-yin Chinese system will know what I mean. Otherwise please follow this link:

After about an hour or thereabout I begin to experience going deeper into my being. Hard to explain in words but it is sort of like you are getting smaller as you slowly overcome the layers of mind consciousness of your physical being and find yourself in the centre of this void which is deep within your hunyuan qiao. Really peaceful… Another half hour must have gone by and I swear by this experience:

At the first ling(1): I feel myself going deep into the void in hunyuan qiao.

At the second ling(2): I feel a gentle stretching sensation originating from deep within which goes in both directions (upwards and downwards).

This exquisite feeling was only interrupted when my son came to tell me that mom called to tell us to find our own dinner as she cannot get home on time due to traffic congestion. Another surprise when I stop: I just felt what it really means when Pang Laoshi says: “Ting tian li di…” (or head touches the heavens, feet plunge deeply into earth…). When I stood up it felt like I am growing taller continually while my feet seems to be sinking deep into the ground. It makes me feel really huge!