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My son, It’s Zhi Neng Qi Gong that saved your life!

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My name is Yeoh Swee Lin from Penang, Malaysia. I am 38 years old and working as a piano teacher.

When I was carrying my 3rd baby, my doctor discovered something was wrong in my baby’s brain. In December 2004, I gave birth to a baby boy. It was true that my baby was not normal. The scan result revealed that a big part of his brain was occupied by fluid. The doctors managed to save my baby’s life but the nightmare was not over.

The doctors informed me that there was no medication which could get rid of the fluid in my baby’s brain. He needed an operation where a tiny tube would be inserted into his brain, and connected it to the bladder. The excess fluid in his brain would then be led to his bladder and drained through urination. That was a complicated operation and the risk was high. I was so lost after hearing the above. My heart sunk to the bottom when the doctors told me that my baby would need the similar operations to sustain his life through out his whole life.

My mind went blank. What should I do to save my little baby? 3 months passed. I found my baby was not active and hardly moved his eyes. The doctors reminded me not to waste any more time. The delay could cause permanent brain damage. I was frightened! I was helpless!

My mother is a very devoted Buddhist. She went around praying at many famous temples in Thailand and Penang. She only had one wish - to have a healthy grandson.

On 10/3, she gave me a name card from one of the Buddhist monks she met. She asked me to look for the person on the name card. That person could save my baby. He is Master Yu Yang, a Zhi Neng Qi Gong teacher from China.

On 11/3, although uncertain, I brought my 3 months old baby and went straight to see Master Yu Yang. Master Yu put his hand on my baby’s head to pass qi to him silently. It lasted for several minutes. Pausing for a while, Master Yu said, “Nothing serious, the Qi in the brain is unable to flow downwards and is disconnected with the body Qi. This explains the excess fluid. The baby is still young, though is tough, but once the Qi is flowing, the fluid in his brain will soon disappear.” I couldn’t believe what I heard. Was it that simple?

The same evening, to my surprise, I found my baby was moving actively and looking around. His eyes were full with curiosity. Could it be my illusion? My husband and I were overjoyed! What miracle has Chinese Qi Gong done to our baby? Since then, I brought my baby to see Master Yu daily. He was progressing well as day went by. He had becoming so lively and lovely.

On 27/3, Master Yu was leaving for Kuala Lumpur to give lectures and lessons on Qi Gong. I was stunned and worried because my son was not completely healed and in a healthy condition yet. What had to be done? Master Yu said, “Don’t worry, I can pass Qi through the phone. You just have to call me and do what I tell you and think exactly like what I tell you...” Astounded, I made my first call on 28/3. Master Yu asked me to put my hand on my baby’s head, closed my eyes and visualized the Qi from the universe entering and going through my baby’s head, through his body and exit through his feet centre. I closed my eyes and saw a glittering white light crossing my baby’s body. I followed Master Yu’s command wholeheartedly. We finished the exercise in several minutes. I didn’t know how my baby felt, but I was extremely comfortable and calm.

On 15/4, I had an appointment with the doctors. They did a total check-up on my baby. The result showed that there was no more excess fluid in my baby’s brain. The doctors were surprised. They announced no operation was needed. He credited the improvement to the medicine he prescribed. I was smiling in my heart. It was not the medicine. It was Zhi Neng Qi Gong, as I never fed my baby with the medicine.

My baby is more than one year old now and he is in great health. Master Yu
said, “Your boy benefited a lot because I help to smooth his Qi at such a young age. He will certainly be a very intelligent person in the future, or perhaps a minister in Malaysia.” In my mind, no matter what kind of person is he in the future. He will be healthy and wise. Thanks to Zhi Neng Qi Gong!

My husband and I have become the lovers of Zhi Neng Qi Gong. We practice Qi Gong everyday. We talk and publicize the good of Qi Gong to people we meet. My husband has learned the “Fa Qi” technique. Now, whenever my son is uncomfortable, he will come and ask, “Daddy, please pass Qi to me.”
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