Thursday, October 04, 2012

Kung Fu Panda 2 Movie Clip "Inner Peace" Official (HD)

Inner peace - So how do we get this inner peace thing going for us in our practice? In an earlier post I had written about harmonizing our wisdom mind and emotional mind wherein we reach a state of deep relaxation during zhan zhuang. I guess this is the inner peace kungfu panda is talking about.

That was attaining inner peace while in static meditation. So how do we achieve inner peace while in motion? I found mine in my taiji practice:

In order to flow with the qi it is important for the practitioner to find his inner mind (inner peace) before he commences practice. From the moment of kai bu or legs apart we are in the state of wuji or without limit. In this state we are deeply rooted into the earth (a sense of firm connection of both feet with the ground below) while at the same time we feel extended: a conscious feeling that we are hung and pulled by an invisible thread up towards the sky. This gives rise to a feeling of being stretched on both ends leaving our body relaxed and free to move between these two anchors. At this moment we have not quite arrived at our destination of inner stillness or our inner mind (unmoving) mind. What is needed arrive at our destination is the connection of our mind with our breath. Focus our attention our breath (mindful breathing) and notice the in-breath penetrating deep from all directions into our dantian and our out-breath penetrating into every cells in our body before returning to the infinite. The connection of heaven-man-earth is now complete and we have found inner peace. Continue to breathe slowly and deeply and savour the serenity of inner peace. When you are ready to move (the beginning posture of taiji) the mind moves first sending a spiral of energy (taiji) to our muscles thus commencing motion from stillness. In motion yin-yang is manifested. This interplay of the yin and yang does not stop until our mind commands it to. That is when our minds sends a spiral of energy  to execute the closing posture and return to the state of wuji wherein the yin and yang anergies are reunited.

You will know that you have attained a good level of mind cultivation when you are able to maintain the heaven-man-earth connection throughout the entire duration of your taiji form execution. By this I mean maintaining the STILLNESS OF INNER MIND while doing your taiji.

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