Thursday, August 01, 2013

ChenShi Taijiquan - Bai Si Fang

Two months after my first Bai Si Fang video upload, I believe I have made some progress. Please be my judge.

Thursday, May 09, 2013

Peng, Lu, Ji, An as performed by Grand Master Chen Zheng Lei

Below is short clip of Peng, Lu, Ji, An as performed by Grand Master Chen Lei. Useful for checking the accuracy of one's own practice.

Saturday, May 04, 2013


BAI SI FANG (拜四方) in Chenshi Taijiquan (Chen style taiji) consists of four steps of the laojia yilu routine which if practiced repeatedly will eventually lead the student to perceive the fluidity of the form. Regular and diligent practice quickly helps the the student gain confidence and feel the connection of body, mind, and qi. The video below show me doing one cycle of Bai Si Fang. The cycle can be repeated as many times as you like in order to help you achieve good relaxation.

Friday, May 03, 2013

"Jin" - Intrinsic Force In Taijiquan

The manifestation of 'jin' in taijiquan comes only after months, even years of deligent work on body conditioning (lian jing hua qi). The video below shows the four basic forces of 'peng', 'li', 'ji', and 'an' used in taijiquan for martial application.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Taijiquan classics

The form is like that of a falcon about to seize a rabbit. Video below from you tube:

The shen is like that of a cat about to catch a rat. Video from you tube:

Monday, April 08, 2013

Ever wonder why we focus onto the EMPTINESS...?

Professor Emeritus William A. Tiller of Stanford University talks about the incredible amount of energy we can potentially harness from just a small hydrogen atom... if only we can still our mind.

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Interesting post

I participate in forums so that I can expand my view on Qigong and other subjects. I found this one particularly interesting and think I should post it here just so that I will not lose it over time:

Hello Bill,

One of my favorite ideas regarding the nature of the field (of Being) is from the perspective of quantum mechanics.

It may be manifest in a non-local sense, disembodied and extended, as a wave function (wuji) , or as an entity/ particle (taiji) - localized in space-time, with defined properties (i.e., position, momentum, etc.), the moment one "opens ones' eyes" or makes a test.

With regard to your second query, I do not know of any formal research. As you may know, people have used collective meditation (prayer) to influence the minds of others. To me, it remains an open question. Does the Ocean feel the rain? Perhaps the Sky sees everything, and remembers.

However, there are speculations that those who are gifted may use the Schumann field or continuum for activities (e.g., communications, remote/distance viewing, etc.) that are puzzling to the rational and bounded cognitive processes we live by.

As an example, you think of somebody you knew, with whom you have not spoken nor seen for a long time. Then they call, show up, or otherwise contact you, and say they too were thinking about you. What was that all about?

What about those times, when the air between us appears to get "thick"? What is the physical mechanism or agency responsible for the change in our perceptions of our environment?

Finally, I wonder if other animals are also coupled to the Schumann field and sensitive to its rhythms.

So many questions, so little to say... ;.)
By PK Melethil


Sunday, March 03, 2013


I posted this on a forum:-

Qi is the basic building block of everything in the universe including life and our human consciousness. Seen in this light oxygen is strictly not the 'Qi' that qigong/taiji practitioners are working on. Oxygen is needed by our body for the physical life process of releasing the energy from the food we ate. Qigong/taiji enhances this process. Consider this:

Physical exercise - You work hard physically to stretch every part of your body and in the process increase your breathing rate as well as heart rate which consequently causes more blood/oxygen to be delivered to your cells.

Qigong/taiji - You turn your mind inward, becomes conscious of your body, conscious of your dantian as breath you take unites with Qi and permeates your entire body. You feel totally relaxed: your breathing rate as well as heart rate slows down. All muscles relaxed and blood vessels dilate (the opposite of what happens in physical exercise) but with each pump of the heart more oxygen is delivered to your cells through the dilated blood vessels and the relaxed muscles are better able to absorb the oxygen delivered to it (Qigong/taiji enhancing life process). As your consciousness penetrates deeper you even become aware of an open/close of your entire being wherein you become aware of Qi exchange taking place between your body and nature.

Comes a time when you can feel the Qi of everything around you: the Qi of this bush feels different from the Qi of this tree as you gently sweep your hand over them. When you are conscious of everything as Qi you are approaching the realisation of the Oneness that many of us dearly wish to experience.

Do not be impatient... enjoy every minute of your journey. :-)

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chenshi Taijiquan: Posture No.10 to 15 (By GM Chen Chenglei)

It is always helpful to have someone point out your mistakes which quite often go unnoticed. Someone commented on my execution of yan shou hong quan (hidden punch) and it made me take a closer look at my earlier video and made a comparison with the teaching video of grand master Chen Chenglei...
Yan shou quan is posture no. 14 in the video. The master's back is maintained straight whereas I had unknowingly arched my back. After examining why I did that I came to the conclusion that I had arched my back in order to extend the reach of my punch. The correct way to do so (maximize the reach of your punch) would be to rotate your waist more. Now I realized that I have more work to do on loosening my waist.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My taiji video

About three months of hard training since I posted my last taiji video. I record these videos to see how I have progressed.