Saturday, January 26, 2013

Chenshi Taijiquan: Posture No.10 to 15 (By GM Chen Chenglei)

It is always helpful to have someone point out your mistakes which quite often go unnoticed. Someone commented on my execution of yan shou hong quan (hidden punch) and it made me take a closer look at my earlier video and made a comparison with the teaching video of grand master Chen Chenglei...
Yan shou quan is posture no. 14 in the video. The master's back is maintained straight whereas I had unknowingly arched my back. After examining why I did that I came to the conclusion that I had arched my back in order to extend the reach of my punch. The correct way to do so (maximize the reach of your punch) would be to rotate your waist more. Now I realized that I have more work to do on loosening my waist.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

My taiji video

About three months of hard training since I posted my last taiji video. I record these videos to see how I have progressed.