Friday, January 31, 2014

The Very Special Qi field of Chinese New Year

My qigong teacher who is now back in China for the CNY holidays reminded us to practice qigong from 11pm to 1am today (January 31, 2014, Chinese New Year eve). I did just that staring from 11:30pm right up to just over midnight. The experience of this short practice is special.

As I use my mind intent (意 ) to direct my qi (of the central nervous system or yiyuanti) outwards to perceive this qi field of goodwill, happiness, and good wishes of the millions of people who are celebrating the Chinese New Year I could feel that it is special indeed. Hard to describe but I shall try: It has a calming effect... just me and this ocean of calming and relaxing energy. It is smooth and warm and fine.

Then I think of grand master Pang Heming who I am sure would be leading group practice at this very moment to receive the information of his yiyuanti. As I am currently also learning Chen style taijiquan, I also think of our four great living grandmasters: Chen Zhenglei, Chen Xiaowang, Chu Tiancai, and Wangxian in order that I could also receive their information. At the same time being aware of the millions who are in festive mood and sending out their very own message of goodness

I feel privileged and thankful to Grand Master Pang Heming for Zhineng qigong which empowered me to use my 12 years of qigong practice to shift from thinking into perceiving mode in order to be able to still my mind to experience this truly special qi field. Now I know why teacher Hao wanted us to practice on this day and at this specific time.