Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Year 2014. Twelve Years Later

I started this blog in September 2006. And I started practicing Zhineng Qigong in 2002. Added on Chenshi Taijiquan to my practice in November 2011. When I began, I had this great confidence that I will find the Truth...

Today, Tuesda, 25th. February, 2014, I know that I had been overly ambitious in the beginning. Far from seeking the Truth (of the Universe) I find myself still battling to subdue my chattering mind. Working hard on clearing the Qi blockages in my body in order that I may truly be able to 'Fangsong' (or relax). On the positive side, I am now much more stable: emotionally and my thinking is (I think) clearer. Generally more relaxed. I have an experiential understanding of what it is like to be truly relaxed. I know now that this journey cannot be hurried and one should not be overly desirous of achieveing results. Just take in your stride and things will happen.

Now I experience a change practically every week that passes and this gives me more confidence that I am heading in the right direction.