Monday, June 22, 2015

Yiyuanti (意元体)

I found this piece of work on facebookon the subject of Yiyuanti - The Essence of Our Self. Unfortunately I am currently unable to comprehend what is written but I know it is important and comes from a mind that is enlightened. No doubt I will revisit this piece of writing over and over again in my meditation in order to find the key to unlock the door into the world of this mind.

Here it is from Facebook:
Keyword: Yiyuanti (意元体): is a unique being form that results when Hun Yuan Qi of the brain cells merges together. Yiyuanti contains the complete information of the universe, including human life. It receives and reflects the world, and is able to integrate, analyze, store, retrieve, and send information.
Brief Introduction to Yiyuanti
Yi is mind, yuan is original, essential, or one and ti is body. Thus Yiyuanti literally means: the essential body of the mind.
In Zhineng Qigong science, consciousness is defined as the special form of motion proper to a specific form of matter. Human consciousness is the condition of the motion of Yiyuanti through the neurons and other cells of the brain and nervous system.
Features of Yiyuanti
Yiyuanti is the integrated, refined being-state resulting from the harmonious and total functioning human nervous system. Nerve cells –neurons- are the foundation for Yiyuanti's development. Yiyuanti has certain independence from the physical body and can affect neural cells, thus the entire body. Yiyuanti is a shapeless, formless manifestation of the property of a particular state of matter. It is completely homogeneous within itself and is compatible with the physical brain's structure. The center of the brain is the center of Yiyuanti and Yiyuanti emanates from within outside the brain, throughout the body and its surroundings.
Yiyuanti has the complete information for human life. It receives various types of information, reflects on all things and has the ability to store, summarize, ponder, analyze, and extract information, as well as the function to store the results of its functioning.
When Yiyuanti is not being stimulated by sensory perceptions, it remains in a quiescent state called “quiet without motion” by ancient practitioners. When stimulated, Yiyuanti processes the stimuli and produces a resulting impression. This we call “perceive and respond instantaneously”. Consider how a normal mirror works. When there is nothing in front of a mirror, there is no reflection. When we place something in front of it, the mirror reflects that something instantly. A mirror can only reflect on a single plane however. Yiyuanti has innumerable ‘planes’ and can reflect many different aspects of a substance, as well as its own. When Yiyuanti has developed a sufficient neural network pertaining the outside world along with specific response patterns, the process and content of the movement of Yiyuanti becomes mental activity.
Yiyuanti contains a complete representation of the entirety of the information of life. In the evolution of humankind, a mature being develops from a single cell. At each step of the evolutionary process, the body receives information of itself and nature to allow it to develop further, to evolve. Considering the evolution of mankind and the prenatal stage, it is clear that as human beings we have incorporated the information of many different organisms, ranging from the simplest to the most complex. You reading this have developed from a single fertilized ovum into a complete human being. Every one of the cells in your body retains the same genome of the fertilized ovum. Since the nervous system permeates and innervates the whole body while maintaining an immediate connection to every part, the information of all the organs and systems is naturally accumulated inside Yiyuanti.
Complete Yiyuanti
Qigong training strengthens our ordinary consciousness, allowing Yiyuanti to receive and store a greater amount and quality of information. This often develops our innate yet concealed extrasensory consciousness, helping it receive and emit information. This allows our reference framework to acquire new impressions that more closely approximate reality as it actually is. Eventually, the dominance of our ordinary consciousness in the reference framework is transformed, allowing the true reflection of what is to be perceived directly and without mediation. This transformed Yiyuanti we call “Complete Yiyuanti”.
At-One Yiyuanti
After the development of “Complete Yiyuanti”, the extrasensory information of Yiyuanti can initiate changes to nature and oneself. This permanently changes the condition fixated by the previous, socially conditioned ordinary consciousness framework, transforming a person into a level that consists of extrasensory consciousness (EC) information. EC information in Yiyuanti commands and transforms the whole physical body to a state that reflects Yiyuanti. We call this condition of Yiyuanti, “At-One Yiyuanti”, and call this unified condition of Yiyuanti and body “Hun Yuan Consciousness”.

Hunyuan Lingtong, Xinxiang shi zheng

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