Saturday, November 07, 2015


I wrote this piece on Pulse of Linkedin sometime in October 2015. Just want to place it here as it is my personal blog:

Experiencing Qi Field
The practice of qigong is a journey of realization. Today I finally realize that the qi field is not what I imagined it to be – like the body of water surrounding you when you are under water. Such a concept rather than helping tend to mislead you away from the real experience of qi field in various ways.

Firstly, the body around you is outside your body and this leads you to focus outside your body. Far from being outside your body the qi field actually permeates through everything in space time. To experience qi field your mind will have to be still, in a meditative state or if you like to use a more qigong related term – in a qigong state of mind. Next focus on your breathing and slowly relax and spread this focus to your dantian and observe how the dantian responds with each breath you take. You will slowly notice the in-breath equals an opening of the dantian while the out breath equals a closing of the dantain. Be quiet, take your time to enjoy this experience.

When you feel you are ready to take the journey a step further slowly move your focus (mind) upwards along the centre of your body until it reaches the crown (bai hui). If you are sufficiently relaxed and mind quiet you will experience a connection between bai hui and dantian. Slowing return your focus to dantain without losing connection with baihui. From dantain take your focus slowly down to your feet, at yong quan if you can. A connection between yong quan and dantian will be felt. Take your time, enjoy the experience of connection between yong quan, dantian and bai hui.

When you feel ready to commence the next part of your journey, without losing the yong quan, dantian and baihui connection, slowly and with a relaxed mind… expand your focus (mind) to infuse your entire body. Allow mind to relax to the front, back, left and right side of your body. You will feel a whole body relaxation (expansion) from the inside to… (I hesitate to say “periphery of the body”) for really there is no boundary.  Take your time to enjoy this experience. You are now in the qi field. Take your time… enjoy your personal qi field; at all times breathing deeply and quietly, mindfully aware that breathing is a beautiful outward rippling from the center of your being – much like how still water ripples outwards from the center when a small stone is dropped into it.

Going further… continue to explore the qi field… allow your mind to penetrate the deepest quiet of space. Hold your awareness to the quietness of space, the vastness of it, and the calmness. Your mind connected to the qi field. Each breath gently ripples from deep within your being and spreads into the qi field: You are the qi field and the qi field is you.

When you are ready to return from your sojourn slowly draw in your attention from the vast quietness of the qi field into the centre of your brain: witness your mind flow from the universe to the galaxies to the our milky way, to the solar system to mother earth to all things on earth to your body and finally relaxed in the centre of your brain.

You are now new. Recharged and liberated from all stress and illnesses.
Thank you for reading if you have come this far. I hope you have enjoyed this journey with me.
Lim Kian Tee 14/10/2015